Stamped Concrete Colored Powder Release Agent Pail (33 lb)

Stamped Concrete Colored Powder Release Agent Pail (33 lb)

Stamped Concrete Colored Powder Concrete Release Agent From SureCrete


Concrete Powder Release Agent contains a specially formulated releasing agent that forms a moisture barrier between the stamping tools and wet concrete to allow the release of stamping tools. In addition to concrete releasing agents, powder concrete release contains integrated iron oxide pigments that simultaneously provide a secondary accent color to the concrete surface. As a dry shake material, it is broadcast directly on top of concrete to be stamped. It is recommended only for stamped concrete, as opposed to stamp overlay.


Powder concrete release agent is fundamental to provide release for stamping tools from concrete. The moisture barrier prevents the stamping tools from creating “puckers” at the surface that greatly detract from the finished product. Powder release will provide the rich contrast between the concrete’s base color and the release’s secondary color. The resultant two tone adds to the realistic look and desired antique effect for many different patterns. The grout lines of grouted patterns will always reflect the powder release color in the preferred sharp contrast to the more dominant base color. Customarily the most realistic coloring is achieved through the application of a darker powder concrete color than the base color of the concrete.


Attention to sufficient masking is mandatory. The airborne fine dust of powder concrete release can contaminate surrounding areas. Protect all applicators with nuisance dust masks, goggles, and chemical resistant gloves. Use caution.

The slab is ready when the final troweling prior to stamping (no bleed water). Loosen and “fluff-up” the powder release in the pail prior to broad- casting. A mason’s brush serves as an efficient broadcasting tool. Lightly dust the stamping tools at the start of work. Broadcast powder concrete release in a sweeping or casting motion evenly across the area to be stamped. Only broadcast enough powder concrete release to stay a row or two ahead of the stamping tools. Avoid clumping. Coverage rate is approximately 1,000 sq. ft. per 30 lb. pail.

After the slab is sufficiently cured, carefully sweep up and contain excess powder concrete release. Rinse the remaining excess with hose equipped with trigger nozzle and soft broom. Keep masking in place during cleanup. Best results are achieved by leaving the concrete release color in the lower recesses of patterns, especially grout lines. On the other hand, sufficient concrete release must be removed to allow the subsequent sealer to adhere to the finished product.

COVERAGE  750-1000 Sq. ft. per pail

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