Concrete Stains. Water-Based Eco-Stain

Concrete Stains. Water-Based Eco-Stain

Water-Based Concrete Stains-Eco-Stain 

Semi-transparent Concrete Stains from SureCrete

(10 lb / 4.5 kg / 3.8 L)

Coverage - 200 sqft uncut 

Water Based Concrete Stains - Eco-Stain is not a typical stain or dye. It is made from a very mild hydrochloric or phosphoric acid solution, wetting agents, and metallic ions (salts), and specially formulated pigments. When concrete stains applied on concrete or any cementitious topping the metallic ions chemically react with the free alkaline in the cement forming oxides that produce the color. Unlike dyes that produce an even color, Water Based Concrete Stains-Eco Stain produces the multi-hued, variegated, mottled look of natural stone.


Semi-Transarent Concrete Stain - Eco-Stain is an exciting alternative to typical reactive acid stains. There are no acids or harmful chemicals integrated in its design. Since no chemical reaction takes place, there is no extended waiting time for color to reach full development. Cement substitutes will not affect color, unlike reactive acid stains that are dependent upon alkalinity to create a chemical reaction. Water Based Concrete Stains - Eco-Stains from SureCrete in blues & greens will not spot black in the presence of moisture And are UV stable

Water Based Concrete Stains - Eco Stain penetrates the inherent porosity of cementitious products to produce color. Color may be “built up” without the worry of spending all the alkalinity, as with acid stain. Water Based Concrete Stain - Eco-Stain saves time on the job with no rinsing, no mopping, no neutralizing, and no residue.


Clean—Concrete must be thoroughly cleaned before Concrete Staining. Liquid curing agents should not be used on concrete that is to be stained. Nothing should block the porosity of the host surface.
For premier results in cleaning concrete prior to Water Based Concrete Stain-Eco Staining, use a black scrubbing pad with water on a rotational floor scrubbing machine.
Super Concrete Renovator (SCR) is recommended for every Water Based Concrete Stains project on concrete. SCR is a mildly acidic detergent that cleans concrete thoroughly. See Application sheet for SCR for instructions.

Note: Some substrates are excessively porous. Particularly concrete that was finished poorly [not closed with a steel trowel], broomed, or very old concrete may absorb Eco-Stain so deeply that little color, if any, is visible. With this circumstance Eco-Prime is required.

Cured— Allow concrete to cure a minimum of fourteen (14) days. Cooler climates, (highs not reaching 50°F) require curing times of twenty-one (21) days or more.


Most commonly SP pump-up sprayers are utilized for first coats. However, depending upon the desired results, sponging, ragging, mopping, brushing, and nearly any type of spraying are also employed.
Applying additional coats is optional. Supplementary colors may be combined at desired rates and number of coats. Customarily apply lighter colors first.


None, simply allow to dry


For interior applications, the most durable sealers are any of the Dura-Kote line. For exterior applications requiring “breatheabilty” SureSeal Solvent or Hi-Gloss WB acrylics are suitable choices.

The surface must be clean, completely dry and at least 40°F during the sealing application. Allow twenty-four (24) hours before permitting foot traffic on sealed area. Allow seventy-two (72) hours before permitting vehicle traffic on sealed area. 

You may apply Surecrete's Water Based Concrete Stain- Eco-Stain on: Floors (kitchen, Bathroom, shower, living area, patio, commercial), countertops (kitchen, bathroom), walls (shower, retaining), driveways, sidewalks and other surfaces. 

For customers that will receive  NEW -  concentrated 32oz bottle of stain:

The 32 oz. stain it’s a New - concentrated 1 Gal package.
The 32oz bottle makes one full gallon. Simply add 3 parts of water by 1 part of  32 oz concentrated Eco stain. 

Eco-Stain is a  water-based liquid, semi-transparent concrete stain for accent coloring that can be brushed, sprayed, rolled or sponged. Used for staining concrete walls, floors including  cast concrete products and overlays . New for 2017, Eco-Stan is now available in a concentrated liquid 32oz. bottle that makes one full gallon and a 128 oz. bottle. Offered in 30 UV stable concrete stain colors, EcoStain can be diluted up to 10:1 to create virtually any color stain color desired.

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