Countertop Precast Mixes

Countertop Precast Mixes

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GFRC Concrete Countertop Precast Mix (50 lbs)

Xtreme PreCast Concrtete Countertop Mix from SureCreteXtreme PreCast - Concrete Countertop Mix it's ..


Thin Coating Concrete Casting Spray Mix - GFRC Face Mix

GFRC Face Mix from SureCreteGFRC Face Mix Concrete Sprayable Casting MixGFRC Face Mix is a hybrid GF..


Precast Counter Top Modifier

Xtreme Series Precast Modifier is an proprietary blend of chemicals that is combined with the mixes ..


GFRC - Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Backer Mix (50 lbs)

 GFRC Extra Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Backer Mix Concrete Backer Mix is a ..