Brick Stone Molds

Brick Stone Molds

These Brick Molds cast a thin brick that you can glue to an existing wall and skip the hassle of actually exposing brick, running into pipes and wires, and pesky landlords who don’t agree with your artistic vision. We manufactured our Brick Molds out of hand selected bricks with the best texture so that you can mass-produce top of the line decorative concrete. Everything from the mold to the rubber we use is manufactures in the USA, so our products are consistently excellent.  

Brick stone molds are typically used for walls, but those with flatter textures could also be used for tiles, tabletops, or anything your imagination desires. Most mold models have the option to purchase a set, which will make your final product look much more natural, and less like you "copy-pasted" the same mold over and over again. Every set piece is numbered /1, /2, /3 etc. at the end of the mold number.

The estimated mold life is 2000 castings with proper storage and use. Always use a release agent (We recommend G-1 Release) and store on a flat, surface in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. While using the molds outside, throw a tarp over them or keep them out of direct sunlight. UV radiation severely damages the molds.

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Brick Stone Mold BS 311

Brick Stone Mold BS 311/1, BS 311/2, BS 311/3Mold size: 3 SQ.FT. (0.28m2) approximateMeasurements: 2..


Brick Stone Mold BS 312

Brick Stone Mold BS 312/1, BS 312/2, BS 312/3Mold size: 3 sq.ft. (0.28m2) approximateMeasurements: 2..


Brick Stone Mold BS 313

Brick Stone Mold BS 313/1, BS 313/2Mold size: 3 sq.ft. (0.28m2) approximateMeasurements: 25½" x 17 3..


Brick Stone Mold BS 511

Brick Stone MoldsBrick Stone Mold BS 511/1, BS 511/2, BS 511/3Mold size — 3 SQ.FT.(0.28m2) appr..


Old Brick Stone Mold BS 611

Old Brick Stone Mold BS 611/1, BS 611/2, BS 611/3Mold size — 3 SQ.FT.(0.28m2) approximate.Measu..


Antique Brick Stone Mold BS 612

Concrete Brick Stone MoldsAntique Brick Stone Mold BS 612/1, BS 612/2, BS 612/3Mold size —..


Antique Brick Stone Mold BS 613

Concrete Brick Stone Molds Antique Brick Stone Mold BS 613/1, BS 613/2, BS 613/3Mold size — 3 s..


Brick Stone Mold BS 711

Brick Stone Mold BS 711/1Mold size — 3 SQ.FT.(0.28m2) approximate. Measurements - 24" X 16 1/2"..


Brick Stone Mold BS 713

Brick Stone Mold BS 713/1, BS 713/2, BS 713/3Mold size — 3 SQ.FT.(0.28m2) approximate. Measurem..


Antique Wood Stone Mold BS 811

Brick Stone MoldAntique Wood Stone Mold BS 811/1 Mold size — 3.33 SQ.FT.(0.31m2) approximate. M..


Paver Stone Mold Brick Stone SS 5501

Paver Stone Mold. Brick Stone SS 5501Mold size — 2.8 SQ.FT.(0.26m2) approximate. Measurements -..


Concrete Brick Mold SS 5503

Concrete Brick MoldBrick Paving Mold SS 5503Mold size — 3 SQ.FT.(0.28 m2) approximate. Measurem..


Concrete Brick Mold SS 5502

Concrete Brick MoldBrick Paving Mold SS 5502Mold size — 2 SQ.FT.(0.19 m2) approximate. Measurem..