Colored Floor Sealers

Colored Floor Sealers

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ColorTec Acrylic Water Based Pigmented Sealer

Water Based Concrete Sealer (Colored)Pigmented WB is a 30% solids, water based, low VOC, strong bind..


Colored Epoxy Floor Coating. ColorTec 600WB. Water-Based

Water-Based Clear Epoxy Coat 2-Gal kitPrimer and Sealer for Interior ConcreteDK 600WB is a two-compo..


Acrylic Solvent Pigmented Sealer (Low VOC) ColorTec Acrylic LV

Acrylic sealers are designed to be used on outdoor concrete surfaces but may be used for exterior ap..


ColorTec 400 Pigmented Polyurethane Sealer (Solvent Based)

ColorTec 400 is a two- component, pigmented, solvent based polyurethane sealer.The benefit of using ..


Pigmented Epoxy Floor Coating 100% Solids. ColorTec 500

Pigmented Epoxy Floor Coating 100% Solids From SureCrete (3-Gal Kit)ColorTec 500 Pigmented Epoxy Flo..


Pigmented Water Based Polyurethane - ColorTec 400WB

ColorTec 400WB is a two- component, pigmented, water based polyurethane sealer.ColorTec 400WB is uni..


Thick Set Pigmented Polyaspartic Sealer ColorTec 180 (Fast Set)

ColorTec 180 is a two component, fast drying, thick build, high gloss, pigmented polyaspartic sealer..