Colors and Stains

Colors and Stains

Colors The color category carries a wide variety of color applications, from pre-measured color packs to 6 sack Transit mix bags. The large bags can be purchased to measure individually the color you desire for a countertop or vertical stamping mix for example rather than using the color packs. These are high quality colors and are available for pick up or shipping. Many colors are stocked randomly and quantities are not consistent so leave enough time for shipments to arrive. We do not use site mixed granular colors since these are problematic with color streaking especially in interior pre-cast.

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Concrete Stains. Water-Based Eco-Stain

Water-Based Concrete Stains-Eco-StainSemi-transparent Concrete Stains from SureCreteSemi-Transparent..


Concrete Countertop Colored Veining Material

Concrete Countertop Veining PowderXS concrete veining material is a dry broadcast medium used to cre..


Powder Stamped Concrete Accent Color Water-Based Stain Eco-Accent

Concrete Accent Color Water Based StainEnvironmentally FriendlyPowder HighlighterConcrete Accent is ..


Concrete Integral Color - Ready Mix Pigments - TruPour

Integral Color - Fresh Concrete Color PowderReady Mix Concrete Pigments - 10-pound concrete colors b..


Stamped Concrete Colored Powder Release Agent Pail (33 lb)

Stamped Concrete Colored Powder Concrete Release Agent From SureCreteDescriptionConcrete Powder Rele..


Color Concrete Hardener Pail

Color Concrete Hardener Pail (63 lb. / 28.6 kg) from SureCreteDESCRIPTIONSureCrete's Concrete Color ..


Color Pack - Decorative Concrete Color Additive

Color Pack for Decorative Concrete Overlay and Casting Products - 0.5 lb. (0.23 kg) Concrete co..


Concrete Oxide Pigments

Concrete Oxide PigmentOxide Concrete Colors for Concrete. 1Lb-(0.45kg) Mix Ready bag. Photos of..