Polyaspartic Sealer GP-20. 1.25 Gal

Polyaspartic Sealer GP-20. 1.25 Gal

GlobMarble GP-20 is two component 90% solids aliphatic - high gloss polyaspartic sealer designed for application over interior concrete, cement-based overlays, or as a top finish coat on epoxy systems.  This material can be used as the base coat and the topcoat over paint chip decorative broadcasts or colored sand broadcasts to provide an infinite array of color schemes or patterns.

GlobMarble GP-20 polyaspartic has excellent chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, UV stability and has a good clear gardner color. 

The GP-20 polyaspartic formulation has a longer working time, however, this product still has a is its quick tack free time for foot traffic.

GlobMarble GP-20 polyaspartic recommended for areas where a medium build broadcasted floor is desired and installation downtime is very limited.  This material can also be applied over a broadcasted or troweled system as a thin to medium build sealer.


0.10-15 mils. (when applying directly to concrete, precautions should be taken to properly prepare the substrate and the moisture content of the substrate should be tested. Do not apply to damp surfaces.)


107 – 160 square feet (9 m2 to 15 m2)  per gallon 


1.25 and 2.5 gallon kit (packaging information is approximate net volume)


12.70 pounds part A to 9.2 pounds part B. The mix ratio is approximately 1.5 gallons part A to 1 gallon part B.

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