Collomix 17 Gallon mixing bucket/tub

Collomix 17 Gallon mixing bucket/tub

Collomix 17 Gallon mixing bucket/tub

Heavy-Duty black polyethylene mixing tub.  Job-site tough!  Allows the operator to mix more thoroughly and easily, rather than in the tight confines of a 5 gallon bucket. 

-         Heavy-Duty black polyethylene mixing tub

-         17 gallon maximum.  General working size: 15 gallons/2 plus bags.

-         hand grips on sides

-         roll-over lip at the top to attach to RMX mixing station

-         Rugged Tough Tub for Mixing any job-site materials.

-         Suitable for use with any of Collomix hand-held power mixers and specifically designed to work with Collomix stationary mixers

Xo1 Collomix Professional Hand Held Power  Mixer 

Xo4 Collomix Professional Two-Gear Power Mixer 

Xo6 Collomix Heavy Duty 2 Gear Power Mixer 

Xo55 Collomix Heavy Duty Double-Paddle Power Mixer 

Collomix AOX-S rotating bucket mixer 

Collomix XM 2 650 Heavy Duty Forced-Action .

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