Concrete Stepping Stone Mold Log WS 5901, 16" x 2"

Concrete Stepping Stone Mold Log WS 5901, 16" x 2"

Concrete Stepping Stone Mold Log WS 5901/1

Stepping stone mold diameter — 16 x 2" thick.  (40 x 5cm)  approximate.

Stepping stone mold sections — 1

Stepping stone section dimensions:

Approx. stone diameter  15"x 1 1/2" thick (38cm x 4cm thick).

Concrete Stepping Stone Mold Log WS 5901/2

Concrete stepping stone mold diameter — 16 x 2" thick.  (40 x 5cm )  approximate.

Concrete stepping stone mold sections — 1

Concrete stepping stone section dimensions:

Approx. stone diameter  15"x 1 1/2" thick (38cm x 4cm thick).


There aredifferent mold models but it is the same Mold style. If you use them together,your pattern will not repeat itself.

WS 5901 Stone-casting Instructions:

Always apply release agent to your mold prior to casting concrete. 
WS 5901 mold casting weight is about
 19.47 lbs. (8.84 kg.)
We use this 1:2 cement to filler ratio mix : (you can also mix 1-part Portland cement to 3 parts sand [filler], but plasticizer and water has to be re-calculated by cement weight)
6.49 lbs (2.95 kg) Portland cement (white for light stone colors, gray for dark stone colors)
12.98 lbs (5.9 kg) Sand (20-30 mesh recommended. Silica sand or "all-purpose" sand works great)
25.97 oz (0.71 L) Water (We recommend water to be 20%-30% of cement weight.) (If your mix is too liquid, use less water.)
1.04 oz (29.48 g) Super-plasticizer (Superplasticizer's dosage rate is 0.5% -1% of cement weight. We are using 1%)
For best result always add dry pigments to your mix prior to adding the water. Mix concrete with pigment and additives for a few minutes, then add water (mix at least 3-5 minutes). You can also add Super plasticizer to the water 10-15 minutes prior to casting, then mix with dry ingredients.
Please note: Concrete minimum mixing time is 3 minutes (it takes a few minutes until Super Plasticizer absorbs into the cement and start reaction)
To color different molds sections, brush oxide pigment over the  selected sections, then cast the concrete.
Cover the mold with plastic while it is curing. Remove the stone from the mold in 12-24 hours.

Title Concrete Stepping Stone Mold Log WS 5901, 16" x 2"

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