Non-Aerosol Sprayer for Release Agent

Non-Aerosol Sprayer for Release Agent

Non-Aerosol Sprayer for Release Agent

The Non-Aerosol sprayer is an economical alternative to aerosols for dispensing release agents, water, solvent and oil-based materials. It is a faster, labor-saving way to cover large models or molds that delivers release agent in a fine mist. The durable aluminum casing can deliver both solvent-based and water-based systems without rusting.
The Non-Aerosol sprayer comes standard with an adjustable nozzle and feature a chemical resistant anodized finish.
*sprayer not recommended for use with paints.

  • maximum pressure: 200 psi 
  • 24 oz. capacity (710 ml)
  • silver can
Made in the USA

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