Concrete admixture - Water reducer - Super plasticizer

Concrete admixture - Water reducer - Super plasticizer

Concrete admixture-Water reducer-Super plasticizer

High-performance superplasticizer for cement based construction materials

GlobMarble super plasticizer is especially optimized for plastification and water reduction of cementitious construction materials.

Super plasticizer provides an excellent development of early strength. Many important characteristics of concrete are influenced by the ratio (by weight) of water to cementitious materials (w/cm) used in the mixture. By reducing the amount of water. The cement paste will have higher density, which result in higher paste quality. An increase in paste quality will yield higher compressive and flexural strength, lower permeability, increase resistance to weathering, improve the bond of concrete and reinforcement, reduce the volume change from drying and wetting, and reduce shrinkage cracking tendencies.

Super plasticizer dosage is 0.5- 1 % by weigh of cementitious material. For 100 lbs(45.3 kg) (bag of cement) you'll need approximately 1 lb(0.45 kg) of  GlobMarbe super plasticizer

Characteristics / Chemistry

Free-flowing, spray dried powder of modified polycarboxylic ether.

Fields of Application

Superplasticizer is especially optimized for plastification and water reduction of cementitious construction materials.

Superplasticizer provides an excellent development of early strength.

Fields of application are :

             Self-levelling underlayments (SLU)

             Feather-edge products

             Non-shrink grouts

             Cementitious floor screeds

             Cementitious fast-setting floor screeds

             Cementitious self-levelling floor screeds

             Repair mortars

             Injection mortars

             Tile adhesives and joint fillers

             Dry-mix concrete

Technical Data

Technical Data Sheet


Physical shape



characteristic, yellowish to brownish

Drying loss, [%]

max. 2.0

Bulk density, [kg/m3]

300 to 600

pH-value (20 °C), 20 % solution

6.5 to 8.5

Dosage recommendation, [%]

by weight of cementitious material  

0.05 to 1.00 by Cement weight


Further Technical Data

Superplasticizer based on latest polymer technology. These types of superplasticizers typically contain certain side chains based on polyethylene glycol. Due to raw material synthesis of the polyethylene glycol, the nature of radical polymerization and the composition, it is known that this technical product has some natural colour variations from nearly colourless to yellowish up to slightly brownish. However, these colour variations have no influence on the application performance of the product. It is not known that the product colour changes significantly over time under normal storage conditions.

Available Packaging

1lb. sample bag

33lb. paper bag

1650 lb.  50 paper bags(1 pallet)


Store in the original packaging (resealed if opened), dry (not exceeding 60% RH) and cool (not exceeding 40 °C / 104 °F);
no double stacking; may cake when exposed to pressure and friction

Shelf life

1 year

  How to mix Superplasticizer 

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