SUREFINISH Floor Finish (Wax)

SUREFINISH Floor Finish (Wax)

Surefinish – Mop On Floor Wax For Slip Resistance And Protection

Beautifies, enhances and protects hard surface interior floors.

SureFinish is an industrial floor finish (Wax) which provides exceptional performance and adherence to both resilient and non-resilient hard surface interior flooring. It’s superior scuff, scratch, and detergent resistance insures minimum maintenance.

SureFinish is specifically designed to provide superior protection for interior Overlays and Stains that have been sealed with any sealers. It acts as a sacrificial wear coat that will indefinitely protect the sealer beneath it. SureFinish will enhance the luster without obscuring the beauty of the surface.

It may be applied like a conventional floor finish to terrazzo, brick, slate, quarry tile, unglazed ceramic tile, Mexican tile, and stone surfaces.

Additionally, SureFinish is recommended for use on vinyl asbestos, vinyl, reinforced vinyl, asphalt, and other types of resilient floors. It’s superior scuff, scratch, and detergent resistance insures maximum wear with a minimum of maintenance.

In areas where your finished floor is going to see lots of foot traffic and/or vehicular traffic, a sacrificial wax coating is often necessary to ensure the floor’s design is not permanently damaged by abrasive wear and tear. SureFinish provides an excellent protective, or surface wear barrier in both residential and commercial applications and is applied just as simply as any other wax coating, but without the hassle of having to buff anything out.


1st coat: approximately 1500 sq. feet per gal.

Subsequent coats: 2000-3000 sq. feet per gal.

Packaging: 1 Gallon Jug or 5 Gallon Pail

Slip Resistance: Meets ASTM 2047 standard for slip resistance in floor coatings

How To Use:

  1. Propper cleaning of the floor is required before applying SureFinish
  2. Pour SureFinish into a bucket and saturate a mop head. Wring out the mop so that it’s damp, but not dripping.
  3. Apply thin to medium coats until desired gloss is achieved (usually 2-3 layers). Wait until the previous coat is dry to the touch, and then an extra 15 minutes before reapplying.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SureFinish Floor Wax:

Q: How many coats of SureFinish do I have to apply?

A: It’s entirely up to you and your preference for protection and sheen.

Q: Do I have to buff or burnish SureFinish?

A: Technically no, but you wont have a perfectly smooth and glossy surface. We recommend buffing the floor.

Q: Can SureFinish stand alone as a floor sealer?

A: It is not recommended. If you’re looking for a one-coat system, we would suggest the use of Epoxy 100

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