Sink Faucet Knockout Set FK 8000 (8 Pc)

Sink Faucet Knockout Set FK 8000 (8 Pc)

Sink Faucet Knockout Set  FK 8000

1 set- 8 molds

Rubber plug forms size: 4 x 1 3/8"(2.54cm) diameter x 2" tall (5 cm) approximately,

4 x 2 3/8"(5.08 cm)  Big End diameter and 1 3/8" small end x 2" tall


Durable polyurethane rubber faucet forms for concrete/cement counter top faucet knockouts.  Faucet Forms cast a 1 3/8" diameter void in your concrete countertop for easy installation of faucet fixtures, control valves, and dishwasher vents. Self sealing, reusable for multiple concrete castings and tapered for easy removal.  Leaves a 1- 3/8" void and 2 3/8" void for mounting hardware.

Sink Faucet Knockout Set

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