Concrete Moisture and Vapor Barrier - DK 700

Concrete Moisture and Vapor Barrier - DK 700

Concrete Moisture and Vapor Barrier DK 700 by SureCrete

DK 700 Moisture Barrier and Vapor Blocker is a 2-component solvent-based urethane primer, 97% solids, low VOC (<40 g/L), class 1 vapor barrier that meets ASTME96-E93.

This Vapor Barrier stops water vapor transmission to less than ½ pound per 1,000 sq. ft. and allows for the application of high-performance resinous coatings to uncured or moisture-laden Concrete. It can also be used under applications of VCT, linoleum, and carpeting.

This moisture barrier penetrates without blistering into the concrete’s porous surface to generate mechanical interlock and superior bonding.

Bond strength exceeds that of traditional epoxy primers.

DK 700 offers these advantages when applied in advance of any Dura-Kote Coatings:

  • Moisture barrier
  • Increased adhesion
  • Better mechanical properties (including flexural and tensile strength)
  • Increased working time
COVERAGE Varies due to porosity of substrate, approximately 320-400 ft.2 (28 m2) per gallon (3.8 L) or 3-4 mils wet.

How To Use

  1. All surfaces about to be primed must be thoroughly etched, and free of dust and other contaminates.
  2. Pour 1-part B and 3 parts A into a clean mixing container. (Kits are premeasured to this ratio)
  3. Mix for 5 minutes with a jiffy mixer at medium speed to prevent air from entering
  4. Pour contents out in a long trail along the desired surface. Any unused content left in the pail will cure at a fast rate making it useless.
  5. Do not leave the bucket upside down on the surface, this causes unmixed material on the sides of your bucket to contaminate your project.
  6. Apply with an EpoxyGlide Roller, or a squeegee.
  7. Backroll with an EpoxyGlide roller to remove roller or squeegee marks.
  8. Once DK700 has dried and is tack free (after approximately 4-6 hours), you may apply your sealer.
  9. If DK700 has been left to dry past 24 hours, the surface must be sanded with 100 grit, and DK700 must be reapplied.

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