Chopped Basalt Fibers

Chopped Basalt Fibers

Chopped Basalt Fibers 1" ( 6-LB bag)


Chopped Basalt Fibers used to strengthen concrete pour and castings Basalt Fiber is an alternative to steel and fiberglass. Stronger and 90% lighter than steel.  Chopped Basalt Fibers do not chip off and stronger than fiberglass. Basalt Fiber has a superior thermal Protection.  



Chopped Basalt Fiber can be used in the manufacturing concrete panels, industrial floors, concrete slabs, concrete blocks, paving stones, fences, dry concrete mixes, and more.


Basalt fiber provides many benefits and applications for the precast concrete:

  • Greater impact resistance
  • Increased flexural strength High flexural strength.
  • Does NOT clump or or ball during a mixing
  • Basalt fiber is Alkali resistant in concrete and  do not requires special coatings
  • Does NOT induce electrical fields or conduct electricity 
  • Does NOT absorb water
  • Perfect for marine environments and and anyplace corrosion is a continuous concern
  • Basalt Fiber is high thermal resistance
  • Available in 6 lb bags


VS 101
LxWxH 1"

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