Wall Stamps WSM 10502

New Wall Stamps WSM 10502

Concrete Wall Stamps

Use with our stampable and carvable concrete wall stamp overlay mix specially formulated for applying on a vertical surface.

Each wall stamp mat has a unique pattern variation to reduce repetition and increase variety for look of vertical imprint with the durability of concrete.


Wall Stamp WSM 10502/1, WSM 10502/2, WSM 10502/3

Stamp dimensions: 26" x 12" (66 cm x 30.50 cm)

Stamps section size: 22" x 6" (56 cm x 15 cm)

Face Coat Minimum Thickness0.7" (17.78 mm)

Wall Stamp Flexible End WSM 10502/F

1 Flexible Stamp Mat 

Stamp dimensions: 22" x 6" (56 cm x 15 cm)

Face Coat Minimum Thickness: 0.7" (17.78 mm)

4 Pc Set Includes: 3 Rigid Stamps and 1 Flexible

7 Pc Set Includes: 6 Rigid Stamps and 1 Flexible

Suggested Detailing and Touch-up and Tools:

Chisels: 6" or 12"

Touch-up Wheel: 1/2" Wedge 

How to stamp concrete (Do-It Yourself)

How to use wall stamp/ vertical stamps video 

Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete Wall Stamps

Q: Can I use one Concrete Wall Stamp to complete my vertical stamping project?

A: We always recommend to use at least few Wall stamps to form the stamping line and reduce pattern repetition on stamped concrete. It works the same way as puzzle, you need few stamps to puzzle up the stamping pattern.

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