Imer Vertical Shaft Mixer - Mortarman 360 (Mini Batch Plant)

Imer Vertical Shaft Mixer - Mortarman 360 (Mini Batch Plant)


Imer Vertical Shaft Mixer - Mortarman 360 (Mini Batch Plant)


Perfect for busy precast mixing operations 9 cu ft. Mixer

- Easy to move and comfortable to use thanks to the pneumatic wheels and legs adjustable in height

- Maximum precision and minimum effort in handling

- Material loading is easy with the grid with bag-splitting blade

- Planetary mixing system

- Paddles with rubber inserts for cleaning the drum

- Protection cover on the rotation shaft to distribute the material uniformly

- Maximum safety for the operator with the paddle rotation stopping device when the protection grid of the drum is opened

- Gearbox unit with gears in oil bath to ensure long life of the machine and a low noise level

·         Drum Capacity: 12 Cu Ft

·         Batch Output: 9 Cu Ft / 800 Lbs

·         Drum Diameter: 38"

·         Maximum Aggregate size: 3/8”

·         Discharge outlet height: 30”

·         Pneumatic Wheels: 18"

·         Machine Weight: 800 lbs

·         Electric Motor: 5 HP 220v

·         Gas engine: 11 h.p. Honda

·         Dimensions: 59" x 58" x 44"

Available options: 

Model # 1194585  |   Model without Motor 
Model # 1194574  |   220V/60Hz, 5 HP, Single-Phase
Model # 1194575  |   220V/60Hz, 5 HP, 3 Phase 
Model # 1194576  |   440V/60Hz, 5 HP, 3 Phase
Model # 1194578   |   11 HP Honda GX


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