Xo55 Collomix Heavy Duty Double-Paddle Power Mixer

Xo55 Collomix Heavy Duty Double-Paddle Power Mixer


Xo55 Heavy Duty Double-Paddle Prof. Power Mixer Includes Two Custom Mixing Paddles—MKD140HF


Collomix hand-held mixers are used for small batch professional mixing of jobsite materials.  These materials may include everything from paint and lacquers all the way up to complex materials such as Glass-Fibre reinforced concrete---and everthing in between. Our mixers allow the contractor to work more efficiently and quickly while greatly reducing worker fatigue and strain.  Because our paddle designs are the most effecient and modern on the market, the contractor will find that they help to eliminate improper mixing, lumps, air bubbles and the concentration of the materials at the bottom

~high machine loads, up to 25 gallons or more.

~ Forced-Action Mixing Effect: for mixing all sorts of viscous & heavy materials, quickly and thoroughly

~Counter-rotating paddles for easy work that reduces strain from counter-torque 

~ 1.9 hp, 13.1 Amp, 2- Speed ~ 410/580 rpm, includes mixing paddles (pr) MKD140HF 

~Powerful motor, specifically designed for mixing 

~Electronic/Variable Speed Controls w Safety Lock, Ergonomic/Strong Metal-frame grip 

~shock resistant housing ~Stainless-steel gears with more teeth 

~Two-Speed Gear 

~ paddles turn in on each other for more thorough mixing--faster  

~includes patented Hexafix, Quick-Couple Paddle System 

~Low Decibel level 

~low vibration 

~2 Year Warranty 

~ Made in Germany


Product features Xo 55 duo power mixer:

  • Quick, easy and thorough
  • Fast and thorough
  • Universal and economical
  • Upright working position
  • HEXAFIX - Quick disconnect paddle coupler
  • Electronic speed control
  • With double action trigger


Technical data
Power: 13.1 amps / 1.9 hp
Power supply: 110 -125 V
Rotation speed / Load 0 - 430 rpm
Mixing volume up to 24 gal.
Tool connection HEXAFIX
Comes with stirrer MKD 140 HF
Item number 20453
Follow-up model to Cx 22 duo, Cx 44 duo
Area of application: 
Miscellaneous mortars; Slightly moist mixes; Plasters; Screed
Coverings; Fillers; Filled and unfilled epoxy resin; Cement
Bitumen mixes, etc.

Suitable with:

Collomix Duo Paddles for Xo55-Large Batch

Collomix Universal 2 blade Paddle-Small Batch

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