GU-30 Pigment for Polyurethane Sealers

GU-30 Pigment for Polyurethane Sealers

Liquid Pigments for GU-30 Urethane Sealer


1 pint


1 pint for 1 gallon of GU-30 High Solid High Wear Polyurethane Sealer with Aggregate


Kits of this product should be mixed in their entirety. Premix and add GU-30 Pigment to part A of GU-30.  Mix part A and pigment with a mechanical mixer for 3 minutes at medium speed for pigment dispersal. Pour part B and C into part A and mix with mechanical mixer at a medium speed for 3 minutes. If using partial kits, refer to the technical data instructions of this product for proper weight mix ratios. After the three parts of the product are combined, you may start your floor application.

Pigmented GU-30 coating is recommended for restrooms, warehouses, kitchens, and any other areas where either a high wear product is needed, or for any decorative filled floor.

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