Concrete Slurry Fill Mix for Countertop (3.5 lbs)

Concrete Slurry Fill Mix for Countertop (3.5 lbs)

60 Oz Pail Countertop Slurry Mix (3.5 lbs.)

Concrete countertop slurry quickly fills holes, voids and veins.

White Cement Slurry Fill mix for countertops.

Is designed to be used as filler for voids in Pre Cast Concrete and Concrete Countertop pieces. The mix design allows for the ability to match or provide a contrast color thru the use of SureCrete’s Color Packs. Concrete Slurry is a single component.

Used with a concrete restoration system, it provides a workable, no-slump patch that sets quickly for quicker return to service.

Where To Use:

  1. Pressed Technique Cast Surfaces
  2. Faux Stone Tiles
  3. Faux Travertine Precast
  4. Integral Sink Vanities
  5. Kitchen Countertops
  6. Bathroom Vanities
  7. Wall & Building Facades
  8. Precast Architectural Pieces
  9. Marbled Stone Look
  10. Three-Dimensional Molds

How To Use:

  1. Before adding water, estimate the amount of powder you will use to patch the surface.
  2. Mix in your color packs to match the shade of your surface (add a drop of water to the mix to get an idea of what color the cured and sealed slurry will look like).
  3. Remove a small amount from the mixture and add water to that small amount until it forms a peanut butter consistency.
  4. Patch what you need, and once it cures repeat steps 3-4.
  5. Once everything is patched and cured (about 1 hour), sand off the excess (Do not use a wet rag).

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Concrete Countertop Slurry How To Apply Tutorial

Packaging: 60 Oz. pail, 3.5-pound pail

Mixing Ratio: 4 parts dry volume Concrete Slurry to 1 part water

Coverage: Depends upon application and substrate 1-3.5 lb. (1.59 kg) pail of Concrete Slurry for Countertop = approximately 56 in3 (918 cm3)

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Slurry Mix Pin Hole Filler – XS-Slurry

Q: How much color/water do I add to XS Slurry?

A: It varies widely depending on what color you are attempting to create as well as the amount of XS Slurry that is required for your project.

Q: Do I need to re-apply XS Slurry over time?

A: Only if the surface becomes damaged and is need of repair. It can be utilized to fill small chips and voids before being re-sealed.

Q: Will XS Slurry cause any color or sheen changes in my cast surface?

A: If applied incorrectly, yes. Be sure to follow instructions carefully.

Q: Will I still be able to see the voids and pinholes filled with XS Slurry?

A: That depends entirely on how accurate your color matching of the XS Slurry product was. Slight color variations may expose the already filled voids. Be sure to follow instructions.

Title Concrete Slurry Fill Mix for Countertop (3.5 lbs)

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