Concrete Vibrating Motor 0.75 Kw Power. 110 V

Concrete Vibrating Motor 0.75 Kw Power. 110 V

Concrete Vibrating Motor

Vibrating Motors for Concrete Vibrating Table



Concrete Vibrating Motor Futures:

1. IP65 protection requirements completely protected from any external contact, dust penetration, and splash water.

2. 100% continuous operation is guaranteed, even when the equipment is operating at full centrifugal force.

3. Vibrating motors vibration resistant and able to withstand temperatures up to 180°C

4. Long service life and very low concrete vibrator maintenance requirements

5. Lightweight concrete vibrating motor, small and large volume vibration, easy adjustment of vibrating force

6. Can be vibrating source for vibrating conveyor, vibrating feeder, vibrating screens, filter, concrete forms, vibrating polisher, vibrating drier and close-proof device for block during vibrating and more

7.  Vibrating motors widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal industries, electric power, construction, chemical industry, casting, food and light industry and more

8. Vibrating force can be easily changed within the certain scope to satisfy various requirements


  Concrete Vibrating Motors 110 V Specifications:


Power                       0.75 kw

Vibration Force         350kgf

Voltage                     110V  50/60Hz     

Rotary Speed            2840rpm

AMP                         12 A

Install Size dia.         10.5" x 7" x 7.5" (27 x 18 x 19 cm )

Weight                      12 kg (27 lbs)



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