Concrete Countertop Mold Edge Form CEF 7023 Eased

Concrete Countertop Mold Edge Form CEF 7023 Eased

Concrete Countertop Mold Edge Form CEF 7023 Eased

Sold by lineal feet. Minimum order 10F


Concrete Countertop Mold Edge Forms are used to change the shape of the edges of a concrete element such as vanities and concrete countertops, table tops or stairs. The sizes, shapes and variations of each can offer a customized edge that will complement the countertop’s unique surface as well as the surrounding design. Concrete countertop mold edge forms designed to create detailed edge design with all concrete and GFRC mixes for both pre cast and cast in place applications.
Concrete countertop mold edges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Because concrete will take the shape of virtually any form or mold it is cast into it's possible to produce the look of stone, rope edges, vines, and more.
Concrete Countertop Mold Edge Form size: 1-1/2" height x 120" length (3.81cm x 304 cm) 
Sold by lineal foot. Minimum order 10F
Edge Molds
Flexible and reusable decorative form liners for concrete countertops, tables, furniture and more.
Preparing the Form 
Edge Molds are designed to line a form built from rigid materials such as standard dimensional lumber, plywood strips, foam and angle iron. 
Installing Edge Molds 
Edge Molds are easily cut with a standard razor knife. Install against the rigid form using Pressure Sensitive Adhesive tape. 
Cleaning and Storage 
After demolding, the face of the Edge Mold can be wiped clean with water or denatured alcohol. Loosely coil the Edge Mold and store flat.
With reasonable care you should expect Edge Molds to last for over one hundred projects! 
Edge Molds are flexible and may be made to conform to nearly any shape. Extremely tight radius corners may be achieved by warming the Edge Mold in hot water or with a heat gun. 
Use Edge Molds bare or with your preferred release 
Edge molds work with all concrete and GFRC mix designs 
Packaged in fifty foot lengths. We could cut the molds in to a 40F, 30f, 20F and 10F sections. Minimum order 10F


Click here: for GlobMarble Concrete Countertop Edge Form Set Up and Usage.

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