Concrete Countertop Colored Veining Material

Concrete Countertop Colored Veining Material

Concrete Countertop Veining Powder

XS concrete veining material is a dry broadcast medium used to create unique natural looking veins in concrete and concrete countertops.

XS Veining’s uses in precast concrete are extremely vast.

XS Veining is created to be placed into the wet edge of concrete during the pouring process of precast applications.

Besides this technique it is possible simply dusted it into a mold to create interesting color patterns throughout the surface of a casted concrete piece.

XS Veining may be broadcast dry or placed as a paste. The dry broadcast method creates a more rugged, yet natural-looking vein through a stone face. The paste method leaves no voids and when placed properly, yields equally pleasing organic shapes.


Packaging: 16 Oz (1.5 Lb.)

Coverage: Depends upon application and substrate 1 qt. (.95 liter) jar of XS Veining = approximately 58 in.3 (946 cm3)


Vein that is ¼" wide x ½" deep x 39" long

XS Veining may be applied:

  • Themed Bathroom Vanities & Sinks
  • Integral Kitchen Sinks
  • Integral Bath Sinks
  • Shower Panels
  • Faux Stone Tiles
  • Faux Travertine Counters
  • "Veined" Concrete (kitchen counter, dining table, outdoor patio table)
  • Variegated Stone Precast Concrete
  • Faux &quiot;Marbled" Slabs
  • Coordinated Floor & Wall Tiles
  • Precast Architectural Pieces
  • Themed Furniture
  • Three-Dimensional Vibrant Mold

Click here for our video on concrete veining!

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Countertop Veining:

Q: Can I load up a bunch of XS Veining to create a colored void in my precast piece?

A: Not really, you’ll end up with a slight void that won’t look much like a vein. You can, however, manipulate some slightly wet baking soda and place it in your mold to create substantial voids. This can be done right alongside where XS Veining Material is placed to create a full “crevasse” for extra texture.

Q: How much is too much XS Veining?

A: Since it does not cure like our XS Precast line, loading up Too much veining material can cause your piece to cure slightly differently, and quite a possible slower, affecting the surface texture of your cast piece. Self-testing and good judgment are your only limiting factors when deciding on your finished design.

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