High Density Precast Concrete Form Rails

High Density Precast Concrete Form Rails

High Density Precast Concrete Forms. 

Decorative concrete high density foam rails that are coated on 1 side with a clear facing material. Use with PSA tape to adhere to any surface and eliminate the need for caulking.  

GlobMarble’s concrete countertop form rails- inexpensive and easy-to-use that no other solution to create a flawless countertop form in minutes. Simply adhere the countertop forms in place using double-sided P.S.A tape and firmly press the forms into place.  GlobMarble's Concrete Countertop Edge Rails can be used to form curved or straight wall sections. You can use the countertop Edge Rail Forms for pour-in-place or precast countertops. 

High Density Precast Concrete Form Rails 3/4"

Clear Facing Tape  included

- 112 Lineal Feet of 3/4" Foam Rails - 3/4" x 4 ft

Clear Facing Tape  included

- 112 Lineal Feet of 1" Foam Rails 1" x 4 ft

High Density Precast Concrete Form Rails 1 1/2"

Clear Facing Tape  not included

- 64 Lineal Feet of 1 1/2" Foam Rails - 1 1/2" x 4 ft

Clear Facing Tape  not included

- 64 Lineal Feet of 2" Foam Rails - 2" x 4 ft

With these forms you may easily create rounded corners and curved edges.


1.        Make sure your casting surface is clean and clear of all dust and debris.

2.        Remove the protective layer from the P.S.A. tape and apply tape to bottom of foam rail, keeping edge of tape even with the inside edge of the foam rail.

3.        Cut to desired dimensions.

4.        Remove second protective film layer and begin applying foam rails to casting surface as required.

5.        Apply clear facing tape to span across the inside of all foam rails spanning across joints.

6.        Remove protective film layer from clear facing tape.

7.        Thoroughly clean the casting surface again with denatured alcohol or acetone before pouring in your casting mix

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