Greek Stencil Pattern 2” x 13” Connectable

Greek Stencil Pattern 2” x 13” Connectable

Our Greek style stencil measures 2” x 13” x 1/16” and is designed for two or more stencils to be seamlessly connected together. The Greek stencil is made of durable polyurethane ensuring the stencil is reusable if cared for properly. The stencil is designed to be used either with stamped concrete skin matts, with thin floor/countertop overlays such as MicroTek or WallSpray, or with precast materials such as XS Precast.

Directions For Stamping:

  1. When the concrete is ready to be stamped, apply preferred release agent (Powder or liquid release) on the concrete, stamps and stencils.
  2. Connect your stencils across your concrete surface. Using a laser level may help ensuring a straight line.
  3. Use your Stamp Matts with the traditional tamping method. Work more carefully around the stencils to avoid moving/misaligning them.
  4. The best time to remove your stencils is the next day once the concrete has dried and your stencil imprint will not be ruined by setting concrete.

Directions For MicroTek:

  1. Apply your first coat of MicroTek with a trowel and let it cure for 12 hours.
  2. Adhere the stencils to the first coat with double side tape or any other method to ensure the stencils do not move around.
  3. Dampen your first coat of MicroTek and apply your second coat. 
  4. Vibrate the second coat with your trowel to work the material deeply into the stencil to avoid bugholes and micro bubbles.
  5. Remove the stencils once the second coat has cured. Grinding your MicroTek to a level surface is optional.

Directions for XS Precast:

  1. Once your countertop mold has been formed, you may adhere the stencils to the mold with double side tape or any other method to ensure the stencils do not move around.
  2. Pour your XS Precast into your mold and allow it to cure.
  3. Disassemble the mold and remove the stencils form the concretes surface. 
  4. Use a sealer on your countertop to ensure its protection from stains after 7 days.

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