Wall Stamp WSM 10512, 34" x 16"

New Wall Stamp WSM 10512, 34" x 16"

Concrete Wall Stamps WSM 10512

Use with our stampable and carvable concrete wall stamp overlay mix specially formulated for applying on a vertical surface.

Each wall stamp mat has a unique pattern variation to reduce repetition and increase variety for look of vertical imprint with the durability of concrete.


Wall Stamp WSM 10512/1, WSM 10512/2 , WSM 10512/3, WSM 10512/F

1 Stamp dimensions: 34" x 16" (86 cm x 40 cm)

Stamps section size: 26" x 8"

Face Coat Minimum Thickness: 0.5" (127 mm)


4 Pc Set Includes: 3 Rigid Stamps and 1 Flexible

7 Pc Set Includes: 6 Rigid Stamps and 1 Flexible


Suggested Detailing and Touch-up and Tools:

Chisels: 6" or 12"

Touch-up Wheel: 1/2" Wedge

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