Collomix Low Viscosity Paddle - Thin Materials DLX 152 HF

Collomix Low Viscosity Paddle - Thin Materials DLX 152 HF

COLLOMIX  Low Viscosity Paddle-Thin Materials DLX 152 HF

-      Powder-coated finish

-      Quick-Couple/Hexafix™ connecting shaft

-      Smoothly rotating continuous guard ring

-      Strong welded joints

-      Ideal for Low Viscosity (Thin Materials) Paddle--Large Batch

-      Top-Down Mixing

-      The fast double-tier turbo mixer.

-      Optimal flow conditions  when used with high-speed drives

-      Ideal for all liquid  and spreading materials;

-      Area of operation:  Liquid materials like wall paints, epoxy-resins,  leveling compounds, lacquers, liquid plastics, etc.

-      Target groups:  Painter, industry flooring

-      Made in Germany

Low Viscosity (Thin bed adhesive) Paddle DLX



Diameter Stirrer



Mixing drill 
motor output


DLX 152 HF

8.0 - 13.2 gal.


23 1/4"


9.1 amps


Rec. Mixing material: 
For thin-bed adhesives, liquid materials, etc.


Best suited for Xo6 Collomix Heavy Duty 2 Gear Power Mixer

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