How to Set Up and Use Concrete Countertop Edge Forms

How to Set Up and Use Concrete Countertop Edge Forms

Edge Form Setup:

  • Edge Form can be curved to form a radius edge. Make the curve radius large enough to ensure a smooth, consistent edge detail and prevent Edge Form to distort or ripple.
  • Edge Form can be cut with sharp razor knife to fit tightly in your form.
  • Clean the edge mold back side with denatured alcohol as needed for better adhesive to board support.
  • Attach Edge Form to structure with double sided tape.
  • Use of a release agent is usually not necessary but recommended. Release Agent generally create a smoother finish on the concrete, less air pockets in the concrete edge, and easier to clean the Edge Form when finished.
  • Cast concrete. Vibrate concrete well if using regular concrete mixes or use your fingers to compact the concrete if using precast mixes especially against the Edge Form to remove as many air pocket voids as possible.


Edge Form Removal:

  • After the concrete is sufficiently set (typically 12-24 hours for precast), remove the structure boards and Edge Form.
  • If the Edge Form has to be removed before the concrete is cured on cast in place concrete, start on one end, remove edge mold slowly.
  • All imperfection on concrete can be sanded off with a 200 grit sandpaper.
  • Air pocket voids can be filled out with Concrete Slurry Mix.


Edge Form Cleaning:

  • Clean Edge Forms with a stiff brush, liquid soap and warm water after each use. Any material left on the Edge Forms should be scraped or peeled off as soon as possible after Edge form removal form concrete.
  • Concentrated Release Agent  with hot water can be used to clean of concrete residue from the Edge Form  with stiff brush. Rinse Edge Form thoroughly with clean water.
  • Store Edge Forms laid flat in cool dry areas out of direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.


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