Cleaning Your Cultured Marble Surfaces

Cleaning Your Cultured Marble Surfaces

A Clean Surface

Cultured marble is used to make beautiful countertops and floors. Although they are highly durable, it’s still important to be careful when cleaning cultured marble.

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners

Avoid using cleaners that have strong acidity or alkalinity. Instead, use cleaners that won’t cause the finish to become dull, such as Windex or a mild detergent.

Use Soft Clothes

You don’t want scratches to appear on your floor or countertop. Rather than using the scratchy sides of the sponge, steel wool or any other item than can cause scratches, use a soft cloth.

Wax Properly

Wax cultured marble to keep it looking beautiful. Apply the wax to the surface, leave to dry for about 20 minutes, use a damp cloth to clean wax and follow it up with a dry cloth. Keep this in mind when cleaning your surfaces. If you want cultured marble floors or cultured marble concrete countertop molds, get your supplies from Globmarble and create beautiful surfaces.   concrete molds, cement molds, plastic molds, concrete stain