Manufacturing Process

One of the most important factors is availability of the required raw materials in your region. The components required depend on the product you plan to produce. For example for production of the "Marble from Concrete" you can use the coarse-grained sand, haydite or marble powder. It is also possible to use the composite resins as cohesive substance.

To produce artificial stone we use:

  1. Type III Portland Cement
  2. Lightweight Aggregate or coarse sand
  3. Cement Additives
  4. Iron Oxide Pigment

The following list of materials and equipment required to produce artificial (cultured) stone. This table will allow you to make your own calculations when creating a business plan and researching the local materials and equipment market.

Raw materials required to produce 100 square feet (10m2) of artificial stone:

NameQuantityPriceMaterial Cost
Portland Cement280 lbs128kg$0.10$0.22$28.00
Lightweight Aggregate750 lbs340kg$0.02$0.04$15.00
Pigment9 lbs4kg$1.11$2.44$10.00
Cement Additives2ΒΌ oz65gr$0.05 $0.11
   Total $53.11


The list of equipment required for building artificial stone production line:

9 cubic ft.(0.25m3) electric mortar mixer$2500
Vibration table$600
Casting molds 100 sf. (10m2) package$4500
Racks and lumber$600
Electronic floor scales$50
Pallet Jack (option fork lift)$475
Miscellaneous tools and containers$175

The given numbers show the average price.


Recommendations for artificial stone production start-ups:

For the start-ups we recommend to purchase at least 100 sq.ft. (10m2) of the casting molds. The types of the molds you can choose yourself.

You may choose to start smaller with the 100 or 200 sq. ft. mold package. You can independently choose any molds from ones, presented on our concrete stone mold catalog. As your operation grows you can easily expand to meet your future needs. However, acquisition of molds in packages gives a possibility to perform complex tasks.

If there are no molds you like in our inventory we can manufacture them based on your design.

Please refer to the Concrete stone molds page for additional prices on all of our molds.


Manufacturing Scenario

Below is the scenario based on producing of 200 sq.ft. (20m2) by one employee in 8-hour shift. In most cases the production lines are manufacture 300-800 sq.ft. of artificial stone a day and are maintained by 2-4 employees.

To produce batching and casting for 200 sq.ft. (20m2) mold one employee will need around 2 hours. The concrete stone curing time is 12-16 hours depends on the temperature of the environment, materials used, etc.


 Cost per 1 sq.ft (0.09m2)Cost per 200 sq.ft. (19m2)
Raw Materials$0.53$106.00>
Labor (1 employee/8 hours)$0.32$64.00
Total Manufacturing Cost$0.85$170.00


 Cost per 1 sq.ft (0.09m2)Cost per 200 sq.ft. (19m2)
Retail price of stone$4.00$800.00
Manufacturing Costs$0.85$170.00
Profit per day 200 sq.ft (19m2)$630.00 
Profit per week$3,150.00 
Profit per month$12,600.0 
Profit per year$151,200.00 


The presented estimation does not take into account taxes, electricity, etc. You can use this estimation as a reference for your own calculation which should take into account the taxation and other costs specific for your region as well the specific equipment and materials prices which are available for you.