Decorative Concrete Color Methods

Decorative Concrete Color Methods

Concrete might be selectively created and styled; nevertheless it would not genuinely appear to existence until you may have it colored. And considering concrete is lower-upkeep, it isn't going to take very much work to sustains its luster and charm for decades to come back!


Decorative Concrete Color Procedures Involve:


  • Integral Colors: Integral colors, also referred to as integrated shades, normally are available in both a liquid or powder type. In distinction to other coloring strategies, they can be combined and mixed in to the concrete earlier than it really is even poured. This means the color matures within just the concrete as the concrete cures.

  • Antiquing: Antiquing discharge hues are a different powerful system for coloring concrete because they provide greater than one particular performs. It really is utilized towards the floor of concrete soon after it can be poured, but earlier than it really is stamped or styled.

  • Tinted Sealers: All decorative concrete needs a top quality sealcoat for protective functions. But some appear inside a tinted model, delivering a big selection of transparent shades, hues, as well as mimicked textures. Tinted sealers are frequently combined with other strategies of decorative concrete coloring.

  • Color Hardeners: Color hardeners come inside a extensive choice of shades, and come in powder sort. They may be utilized straight to the floor of freshly-poured concrete. But given that they have large PSI and cement articles, they can be not suggested for rapidly-shifting climates.


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