Vacuum Autocaster Ultra

Application: Void-free Continuous Casting of Densified

Polyester And Acrylics

The Vacuum Autocaster Ultra brings the benefits of automated vacuum-enhanced continuous casting to medium to large scale polyester or densified acrylic manufacturing applications.

The Vacuum Autocaster Ultra is available in two separate models:

• For Solid Surface Manufacturing

• For Densified Acrylic Manufacturing

Standard Configuration

Provided with the base unit in either the solid surface or the densified acrylic machine configurations listedhere are

  1. Continuous Vacuum System
  2. Filler Metering Hoppers (2 standard)
  3. Base-color Metering System (1 included, additional available)
  4. Resin Metering System
  5. Catalyst Metering System
  6. Inline Heat Exchange System
  7. Dual Cleaning System
  8. Vacuum System
Vacuum Autocaster™ Ultra For Solid Surface For Densified Acrylic
230V, 60 Hz #1000VS2H - 240 #1000VA2H - 240
460V, 60 Hz #1000VS2H - 460 #1000VA2H - 460
380V, 50 Hz #1000VS2H - 380 #1000VA2H - 380
415V, 50 Hz #1000VS2H - 415 #1000VA2H - 415

System Configuration Upgrades

Note: Discuss these options with your Globmarble representative before ordering.

  • Additional Metering Hopper (1) - #30ACFH
  • Add 1 Base Color - #CMBCS-1C
  • Add 2 Base Color - #CMBCS-2C
  • Add 3 Base Color - #CMBCS-3C
  • Add 4 Base Color - #CMBCS-4C
  • Cobalt Injector Assembly Option - #151000
  • Digital Batch Display Assembly - #162966
  • Remote Server (Remote Access) Option - #163015
  • Expanded Heat Exchanger (High Output Option) - #163500
  • Transfer Auger Assembly - (PN dependent upon configuration)
  • Pneumatic Gate Option for Transfer Auger - #10A5HTAP
  • Crating (required for initial Vacuum Autocaster shipment)
  • #CECSTMACH - Crating Casting Machine

Optional Accessories

A number of equipment and plant automation solutions are available to increase productivity and efficiency in your plant. Discuss these and other options with your Globmarble representative before ordering:

  • Standard Ground Hopper (with Auger) - Stores and conveys bulk powder materials to the point of insertion or use. Often used in conjunction with a gantry or other material transfer system to store and deliver super sacks or bulk bags to the ground hopper - #150445A
  • Pneumatic Ground Hopper/Auger - Automatically transfer bulk lightweight filler material with a Ground Hopper equipped with a pneumatic pump and hose transport system - eliminating the ground hopper auger and allowing remote positioning of the Ground Hopper relative to the Autocaster. - #1000AGHAO
  • Bulk Bag Suspender - Suspend a bulk bag or Super Sack above a Ground Hopper for higher efficiency bulk powder filling and management - #150160
  • Bulk Bag Gantry - The 4-leg bulk bag gantry is used to transport a bulk bag from a pallet and suspend it over the ground hopper using a hoisted trolley. 10 foot (#0831208)
  • Automatic Casting Tables (3 models) cart allowing repositioning and height adjustments to your existing conveyor system and the Autocaster - (XY #150111), (XYZ #150110)
  • Mold Handling Conveyor Systems - Consult with your Globmarble representative for a configuration to suit your needs.