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 Globmarble serve manufacturers' needs by offering supplies, materials and hand tools necessary in the manufacture of cast polymer products such as cultured stone molds. All supplies and materials must meet our strict specifications for successful artificial stone and marble production. This single-location sourcing provides convenience, time savings and cost efficiency.(Download Recommended Package of MiscellaneousSupplies and Tools for a Cultured Marble factory )Globmarble ConsumablesTooling ClayTooling Wax is used to create a smooth radius between the edge of a floating bowl mold and the surface of the vanity deck on which it is positioned. It is available in 13 different sizes. Tooling Clay is used for the same purposes as Ex-Wax and Tooling Wax. Like Ex-Wax, no special applicator tools or heat are required in its use. The clay can be extruded in the size required through the Clay Extruder. Clay comes in individually wrapped 4 oz. sticks. The sticks are packaged in either 20 stick, 5 lb. boxes or 200 stick, 50 lb. boxes. Masking TapeMasking Tape is used constantly by cast polymer manufacturers to protect mold areas such as back splash door hinges, mold edges, and polydomes during gel coating and casting. Masking Tape is available by the case in widths of ?" ?" and 2". SiliconeSilicone is the perfect all purpose adhesive and sealant for the installation of kitchen, bath, or any product exposed to any wet environment. Buffing SuppliesBuffing Tubes, used in much the same manner as our buffing bricks, are available in not just one, but three abrasive grades: Mild (White), Medium (Green), or More Abrasive (Blue). The Buffing Tubes are sold individually and can be used in sequence to gradually smooth the surface. The tubes are wrapped in cardboard which can be peeled back as the tube is used. Buffing Bricks (X-29) are an all purpose fine abrasive compound that is ideal for everything from buffing minor scuffs and scratches on mold surfaces to polishing finished parts. Formulated in a dry, brick-like form, Buffing Bricks are sold separately in boxes of 10, or per pound in barrels. Buffing Pads come in several styles with or without Velcro. Three styles are 100% wool, while a fourth is a 50% wool, 50% polyester blend. The buffing pads are intended for use with rotary buffers and can be ordered individually or in cases of 36.  Beauty Rings    PigmentsBrocom pigments are engineered specifically for cultured marble and solid surface applications. Formulated for long shelf live, these quality Brocom pigments can be stored almost indefinitely, and are easy to use, requiring no formulating or adjusting. Custom color matching is available.  Protective FilmProtective films are perfect for protecting the finished surface of all of your cast polymer products. Designed to protect the finish of any product during shipping, storage, or installation, protective film is the best way to insure your product looks as good as the day it was made. Mold Care/Release WaxMR Release products allow manufacturers, following mold break-in, to achieve multiple castings from a mold without reapplication. Our MR line includes MR Sealer, MR-GP which is recommended for molds that require tooling such as floating bowls, vanity decks, custom set-ups, and MR-HI-Tec which is recommended for modular molds, tubs, accessories, and in solid surface production. Misc SuppliesBowl clips are used with the Floating Unit Assembly to attach undermount bowls to the vanity top. The screw of the Floating Unit Assembly fits through the slot of the Bowl Clip, resulting in a firm, solid attachment of undermount bowls to the vanity top. Known as "t-nuts" to many, FUA's are placed in the ungelled matrix. When the marble cures, they provide a solid anchor for attaching undermount bowls to vanity tops. A paper tab on the FUA assembly allows it to float on the matrix. It also serves as a spacer for the proper positioning of the FUA when used with speedy plugs. Our FUA's are available in cases of 1 000. Cotton Wipes are made of special lint free fiber construction that is both durable and yet disposable. They are great for waxing molds and general cleanup. Cotton Wipes are available in 1 0 lb. or 25 lb. boxes.  Sandpaper Globmarble offers many choices for your sanding and finishing needs. From our standard line of sandpaper and sanding/grinding disks to our newest edition the sia abrasives sanding system, globmarble has all your bases covered. For more Information on or line of sia products or anything else contact your Globmarble representative. Mold Accessories Hats Permanent Hats These hats become a permanent part of the marble product, providing a finished underside which requires very little, if any, additional finishing. Permanent Hats are a popular, high quality product, used by cultured marble manufacturers to replace the need for a female mold. Permanent Hats become a permanent part of the marble product, providing a finished underside which requires little or no additional finishing. Reusable HatsUnlike Permanent Hats, these Globmarble Reusable Hats can be used repeatedly. They are manufactured of high quality polyethylene. The hats shown are Trimmed with Overflow. To order Untrimmed Hats with Overflow, contact your Globmarble sales representative.  Reusable FunnelsReusable Funnels are used in conjunction with Permanent and/or Reusable Hats to reduce spillage and wastage of cultured marble matrix during filling of the mold. Manufactured of high quality polyethylene, these qualify hats can be used multiple repeatedly and clean up by flexing the material. Order the version with the whole opening that matches your permanent or reusable hat.  Divider Bars Divider bars are used to establish the end boundaries for custom sized vanity and modular deck castings. Globmarble offers divider bars in a variety of materials and options, including urethane, polyethylene, polyurethane and aluminum.  Urethane End-Stop Divider BarsChoose from Reinforced (Black) or Un-reinforced (Yellow) These reusable dividers are indispensable for custom set-ups where cove-back or integral backsplash molds are involved. Designed to fit the contours of a specific cove-back mold, End-Stop dividers are used to establish the end boundaries for custom tops. Manufactured of a urethane material that provides a more finished edge on the part.  Polyethylene (Rigid Plastic) Divider BarsChoice of low-density or high-density polyethylene plastic These very popular rigid, reusable divider bars are available in both low density and high-density polyethylene. Because they are fabricated out of polyethylene, they won’t stick to cast polymer parts, requiring little setup time, and even work in non-gel coated applications. Polyurethane (Flexible Plastic) Divider BarsFlexible custom-edge divider bar allows for a customized, decorative edge treatment for cast polymers. Flexibility allows for compound curves in unique applications, and is very popular with manufacturers. All bars are 9 feet long and sold individually unless noted otherwise. TemplatesBowl Positioning Templates allow fast, convenient and accurate positioning of floating bowls on deck molds.The system consists of a floating bowl positioning template, a female mold/hat with an integrated positioning system, and a metal alignment bar that is placed on the mold edge. Speedy PlugsSpeedy Plugs match bowl and sink molds and cast or fabricated bowls or sinks from other manufacturers. They are used in casting the countertop holes for drop-in or undermount bowls. Speedy Plugs provide a finished cut-out in a vanity top mold for under-mounted or drop-in bowls.They are available with either a straight edge and/or an O.G. edge, as indicated on the following chart. AccuCast TemplatesAccurately position floating bowls and female molds with Accucast templates. Accucast precision fixturing templates offer fast, convenient and accurate positioning of floating bowls on deck molds. Lavatory Bowl Setup Components Faucet Hole RingsOur silicone-coated Faucet Hole Rings provide a fast, easy way to create 1?” (3.2 cm) diameter faucet fixture holes in a vanity top. Faucet hole rings are positioned and set in place on the vanity mold to create holes in the finished product where the faucets will be installed, saving drilling time later.Installers need only to pop out holes prior to faucet installation.  Bowl ClipsBowl clips are used with the floating unit assembly for firmly attaching undermount bowls to marble vanity tops. The screw of the floating unit assembly fits through the slot of the bowl clip, resulting in a firm, solid attachment of undermount bowls to cultured marble vanity tops.  Floating Unit Assembly (FUA)Known at “T-Nuts” to many, they are placed into the ungelled matrix. When the marble cures, they provide a solid anchor for attaching undermount bowls to marble vanity tops and bases to marble table tops.  Overflow System ComponentsPolycollarsThere are oval (trimmed and untrimmed) polycollars that are designed to be used with the polydome or drain boss, oval overflow pipe and stem. The Round polycollar (trimmed, untrimmed, trimmed DB, no overflow trimmed and untrimmed) is used with ? inch tubing and round stem.  Overflow PipeThe Overflow Pipe connects directly to the polycollar at the drain end and to the overflow stem at the overflow outlet. The Overflow Pipe becomes a permanent part of the finished bowl.  Standard PolydomesPolydomes define the drain outlet size and serve as a base for the polycollar; simply bolt it into place and gelcoat before casting. Fits perfectly with Polycollars.  Drain BossEliminates the need for polydomes, captive nut assemblies and suction cup assemblies. Polycollar fits directly onto the drain boss for faster production. 1-9/16” standard, but custom sizes available. Excellent for use with modular vanities and floating bowls (when using Ex-Wax). Suction Cup Stem AssemblyThe Suction Cup Stem Assembly is used to firmly attach the polydome, overflow components and floating bowl mold to a vanity top mold.Individual components may be ordered separately. Fits all sizes.   Captive Nut AssemblyBecause this assembly is permanently affixed to the drain end of the mold, there is no need for a stem assembly.The polydome attaches with an eyebolt for easy removal. Time and materials are saved for a more efficient production process.  Gee Mold ClampF Mold Clamps hold the backsplash door in placed during the casting process. Included as standard equipment with all cove-back molds. They are also used to secure bathtub females and shower pan insert molds.  Mold TrackThe mold Track mounts on the bottom of any Globmarble mold to guide the mold along a conveyor system. Made of heavy gauge steel, Mold Tracks are available installed on your mold order or separately in pre-cut and drilled lengths to match any standard mold. When ordering mold tracks separately, please specify the mold length with which the track is to be used. Each order for a mold track includes two tracks of the specified length.  

Download Recommended Package of Miscellaneous Supplies and Tools for a Cultured Marble factory Download xls