Polyurethane Shortage

Unfortunately, due to the recent Polar Storm in Texas, the raw materials for Polyurethane has become very difficult to find. Most of the Polyurethane in this country was manufactured in Texas and nobody in Texas was prepared for this unexpected blizzard. This supply scarceness of the Polyurethane has forced shutdowns of almost 100% of this country’s suitable production facilities in the Polyurethane industry. This predicament has affected us as well and has pushed back our production time upwards of 1–2 weeks. As we manufacture our Mat’s and Molds out of Polyurethane Rubber, we are in a crisis of locating a compatible Polyurethane Rubber to manufacture our Concrete Tools without sacrificing the quality. We refuse to sell sub-par products.

We do understand that our customers work under strict time frames to get their decorative concrete project completed in and some cannot wait for the prolonged delivery of these tools. We are working diligently to fill all orders in the manner they have been received. We will understand if you cannot wait the 1–2 weeks for the Mats or Molds you purchased to be fabricated and may wish to cancel your order. If you were to cancel an order, you will lose your place in line to receive that order.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has may cause you. We thank you for the support you have shown us and for the order you have placed with us. Your patronage is so greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
GlobMarble, Inc.

Factory condition pictures during the winter storm.