What is the Cultured Onyx

Cultured Onyx is a precise blend of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers and pigments that is thoroughly mixed and placed into open molds that have been coated with a clear gel coat.

Formula features translucency allowing the light to pass through. Beautiful for desks and churches and night-clubs, as well as in bathrooms, hotel lobbies, and even walls illuminated from behind.

counters lit from underneath, Onyx has been used extensively in Cultured Onyx has been used to make integral bowl vanity tops, tubs, wall panels,window sills, flooring,

furniture and counter tops. It can be produced in an unlimited variety of colors and configurations. Cultured Onyx is made by combining polyester resin with a filler. Parts are fabricated by

casting the resin and filler combination in open female molds. The following would be typical steps for production of cultured marble:

• A mold of desired shape is prepared with a release agent.

• Catalyzed gel coat is applied to the mold and allowed to cure.

• A mixture of polyester resin and filler (matrix) is catalyzed, colored for marble effect,

and poured or troweled into the mold. The mold is vibrated to accomplish air

release and level the matrix.

• After curing and shrinkage, the part is removed from the mold, trimmed, and polished if neces-sary. Parts should be laid on a flat surface and allowed to cure if removed

from the mold while "green" (flexible).


A surface coat, either colored or clear, providing a cosmetic enhancement and exposure improvements to a fiberglass laminate.

A gel coat is a polyester coating that is applied to the mold surface and becomes an integral part of the finished product. Its function is to protect the fiberglass from

the environment. In so doing, it produces cosmetically appealing surfaces that are durable, long lasting, available in a wide range of colors, and it can eliminate the

need for other finishing. Many different components make up a gel coat, influencing quality and working properties. They are:


The starting point for any gel coat is the polyester resin.

Its composition offers the basic properties of the cured gel coat. Good gel coats offer

a good compromise between sprayability, flexibility, patchability, chemical resistance,

weathering characteristics and cost.


1.Vanity Tops and Integral Bowls

2.Bar and Kitchen Countertops

3.Bath Tubs and Jetted Tubs

4.Bar Tops with Integral Bowls

5.Tub Surrounds

6.Shower Bases, Wall and Ceilings Surrounds

7.Bath Flooring and more

Formula features translucency allowing the light to pass through


Thanks to Gel Coat and non-porous surface cultured marble is resistible to the formation of spots.Taking care of it is very simple. It is usual cleaning, which is done using soft

sponge or a napkin by foamy nonabrasive aerosol – all normal and problem less care of your product. The usage of hard abrasive cleaners is not recommended.

that you need for providing


• Translucent

• Beauty - Elegant, Luxurious appearance,

• Durability - High strength, resistant to denting, chipping, abrasion and staining (with normal use and proper maintenance)

• Seamless Construction - Vanity tops can be cast in one piece (up to 12 feet in length) with integral bowls and back splash, minimizing seams

• Water and mildew resistant

• Easy to make, good appearance, long lasting, easy to repair, easy to handle.

• Good surface, durable, smooth or slate tex-tured; inexpensive