Concrete Stone Molds

Urethane and silicone molds for artificial stone production

Globmarble supplies professional grade casting stone molds which reproduce the structure and relief of natural molds to the smallest details. Molds are used for artificial stone and veneer facades, interior finishing, floors and sidewalks paving, production of window sills, steps, concrete fences elements, pavestones and other forms and decoration elements production. Molds for artificial molds and veneer casting are the essential element of the production technology and the most important factor defining resulting products quality which in its turn defines the profitability and competitive abilities of the production company.

Globmarble’s concrete stone molds made of two-component polyurethane or silicone rubber proved their high quality and durability. The stone molds are designed to produce many parts and will last you many years by using a little common sense and incorporating a maintenance plan. Proper care, storage as well as some simple mold maintenance techniques will do more for you than a warranty. Another advantage of rubber molds is elasticity, which means that when ready the products can be easily extracted from the stone molds without any additional equipment like warming basins and extraction mechanisms.

Polyurethane or silicone molds accurately recreate every detail of the product, reproducing all products textures and perfectly reflecting the most complicated reliefs of natural molds.

We manufacture polyurethane and silicone molds based on the individual cast models provided by the customer, elaborate master-models of decoration stone based on your sketches.

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