How to Color and Stain

How to Color and Stain

How to use concrete oxide pigment, how to stain concrete surfaces and stone.

Concrete Paving Stones | DIY

The Mold I Used All Paving StonesOxide PigmentsSuperplasticizerG1 Release AgentNon-Aerosol Spra..

Concrete stain. How to stain concrete floor with water based stain

This video is about water based stain application options. Water based stain..

Concrete stone molds mixing and pouring. Veneer stone mould 101/5

You can buy pre-mixed bags of ready-to-mix concrete.  These simply require water and mixing; th..

How Much White Pigment to Use for Concrete

White concrete pigment is not Ideal for making concrete bright white. If you want a bright white con..

How To - Concrete Wood Stamp Overlay

Concrete wood stamps have become a giant trend that continues to grow. GlobMarble offers a huge vari..

How to apply water based stain on stone. Casted stone coloring

How to apply water based stain on casted stone.Stone made from  plaster/ gypsum ( highly recomm..

How to cast concrete stone mold without additives. In-mold coloring. Copy

Concrete mix - 1:2:3 parts by dry volume - one part portland cement, two parts sand, three parts coa..

How to Cast Thin Concrete Bricks

Thin Concrete Bricks are the best way to do an exposed brick look without actuary ripping out your d..

How To Color Concrete Bricks

Concrete thin bricks are a great way to get an exposed brick look on any wall. What makes them bette..

How to Make a Lightweight Concrete Countertop

GlobMarble offer Concrete Stone Molds & Cultured Marble Molds And EquipmentCultured Marble Molds..

How to Use Concrete Oxide Pigments

Concrete Oxide PigmentsWhite Concrete PigmentGlobMarble offer Concrete Stone Molds & Cultured Ma..

How To Use Wall Stamps /Vertical Stamps

Wall stamps/ Vertical stamps are very simple to use, and are a great way to make any wall look beaut..

Metallic Concrete Stain- Gold, Silver & Rose Gold Concrete

ALL PRODUCTS ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOWMetallic Pigment, Concrete Mixer, Oxide Pigment, Heavy Duty..

Minimal Textured Modern Art | DIY

SureStamp, ColorPacks, Bucket, Mixer, Pump Sprayer, Stain, Foam Roller, Sealer, Matting Agent..

Stamped Concrete Floor | DIY

Now with SureStamp overlay, floor stamps are a super easy for DIYers and extremely profitable for co..