Gelcoat spraybooth, cure heat rooms

Gelcoat Spraybooth, Grid Booth Systems, Panel Senders.


The Gelcoat Spraybooth is designed specifically for the application of gelcoat to molds. Utilizing an advanced filtration system and blower, the Gelcoat Spray Booth virtually eliminates gelcoat vapors from the shop, creating a healthier and more environmentally friendly work place.Read more here:

  Gelcoat curing heat tunnel system is an excellent way to accelerate the cure time for gelcoated molds. Utilizing a heater and blower to move warm air across the surface of molds, curing times can be cut by more than 50% as compared to open air curing. Read more here:  The Post Cure Heat Room is designed to accelerate the complete polymerization (curing) of solid surface panels prior to finishing.Read more here:  Utilizing a three stage HEPA filtration system, the HEPA Grind Booth is designed to virtually eliminate dust created in the grinding stages of manufacturing, creating a healthier and more environmentally-friendly work place.Read more here: