Gelcoat Spray Booth

Gelcoat Spray booth

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Gelcoat Spray booth

The Gelcoat Spray booth is designed specifically for the application of gelcoat to molds. Enabling compliance to most hazardous area regulations*, including OSHA and EPA. Utilizing an advanced filtration system and blower, the Gelcoat spray booth virtually eliminates gelcoat vapors from the shop, creating a healthier and more environmentally friendly work place.


Gelcoat Spray booth feature heavy duty 18 gauge sheet metal construction, 3 phase 50/60 hertz blower with ventilation ducting to the outside (of building), RP filtration system, spray system interlocks for safety, manometer for gauging air flow, three incandescent light assemblies, and optional pneumatic door assemblies. The Gelcoat spray booth is available in two different widths, and either with no doors, one door, or two door versions.

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Part Number Decoding

Order Number Syntax: GF - WW - HH - DD

Where: WW = Booth Width, HH = Booth Depth, DD = Booth Height eg. a GF-14-7-8 spraybooth is 14 feet wide, seven feet tall, and eight feet deep.


Order Information

12 Foot Width

GF-12-7-8 Gelcoat Spray Booth - No Doors - #165000

GF-12-7-8-1 Gelcoat Spray Booth - One Door - #165000C


14 Foot Width

GF-14-7-8 Gelcoat Spray Booth - No Doors - #163843

GF-14-7-8-1 Gelcoat Spray Booth - One Door - #163844

GF-14-7-8-2 Gelcoat Spray Booth - Two Doors - #163845

GF-14-7-9 Gelcoat Spray Booth - No Doors - #163846

GF-14-7-9-1 Gelcoat Spray Booth - One Door - #163847

GF-14-7-9-2 Gelcoat Spray Booth - Two Doors - #163848


16 Foot Width (* 96 inch clearance)

GF-16-7-9-2 Gelcoat Spray Booth - Two Doors* - #162808

GF-16-11-9-2 Gelcoat Spray Booth - Two Doors (Pneumatic) - #162935



Pneumatic Booth Door Assembly - #110347

RP Filters - 70 Piece Case - #1110510

Manometer (Draft Gauge) - #1110512

M-60 Sub Micronic Air Filter Housing - #111095

Replacement Sub Micronic Air Filter - #111096

300M PS-30 120V 300W Incandescent Light Bulb - #111369


Crating Crate - Spray Booth - #CESPRAYBTH Crate - Pneumatic Door Assembly - #CEPNEUDR
Booth: Height 90" outside, 84" inside
Width 156"/180" outside, 144"/168" inside
Depth 140"/152" overall, 96"/108" working area
Filters: RP filters 32 filter cells, requiring 2 each 20" x 20" x 1" RP filters per cell
Electrical: Blower 230/460 Volt, 3 phase, 60Hz @ 8.4/4.2 amps
Lights 110v, 1 phase, 60Hz
Blower: Face velocity 156 FPM, 15,350 CFM @ ?" static pressure.
Stack velocity 2,437 FPM
Note: Gelcoat spray booths should be hardwired to an appropriate circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.