Gel coat spray systems

Gel Coat Spray System for a Cultured Marble Factory

Gel Coat Spray System


Gel Coat Cup Gun

An inexpensive gel coat gun for spraying small to medium size molds. Avoids the high cost of catalyst injector systems and at the same time avoids the pitfalls of a regular spray gun. The resin and catalyst are mixed in the disposable paper cups, the lid and nozzle assembly are pressed on, and the cup is then placed on the gun. With the paper cup in a level position, depress the trigger and the air stream picks up the gel coat and provides a uniform, high velocity spray pattern. To clean up, merely remove the cup form the gun, and just clean the lid and nozzle. Cup capacity is one quart. We ship the gun with a 3/16" ID nozzle, but others are available.

Cultured Marble Factory

Pressure required – 60- 00 psi

Air consumption – 5.8 CFM at 80 psi

Compressor required – 5 HP

Air connection - 1/4" TPR

Dry weight – 2.0 lbs

Outstanding performance for Gel Coat applications

Outstanding performance for Gel Coat applications

Designed for smooth, accurate Gel Coat application, Gel coat Dispense Systems are engineered to deliver reliable performance. Built with fewer wear items, equipment consumes fewer replacement parts. With reduced service expenses and less revenue lost due to downtime, Gel Coat Systems are highly economical to own and operate.