Concrete Stone Equipment

Manufactured Stone Equipment

To manufacture concrete or polymer concrete stone products you will need concrete stone molds, concrete vibration table, concrete mixer and racks. Altogether this machinery constitutes the production complex using which you can start your own building business. Using the Globmarble molds you can produce exclusive products – concrete based cultured stone – in any required quantity.


The vibrating can be done by hand, but vibrating table disburse any air bubbles in a mix, and guarantees a nice smooth face on stone or tile.

We include with your manual, a detailed blueprint and photos so you can have your vibrator table built locally. Concrete vibrating motor for concrete vibrating table available at our we store.


The concrete production technology utilizes simple equipment and minimum labor power. A team of three people using one vibration table and one mixer can produce up to 650 sq. feet (60 sq meters) of product in one 8-hour shift.


Energy efficiency


The most energy consuming equipment is vibration table and mixer, which both have 1 kilowatt engines. Overall operation time of mixer is 5 hours, of vibration table – 3 hours. All other equipment uses 1 kilowatt in 4 hours. So in one 8-hour shift around 10-16 kilowatts are consumed.