Epoxy Floor and Table Top

Epoxy Floor and Table Top

How to mix and apply metallic epoxy, garage epoxy flakes and table top epoxy applications.

"Jupiter" Style Epoxy Floor | DIY

GE-100, GE-100 Solid Pigment, GE-100 Metallic Pigment, Mixer Paddle, 6" Roller, 6" Roller Frame, 18"..

10 Epoxy Mistakes Made By Noobs

Globmarble epoxy is the best bargain you could ask for. A durable, long lasting, non yellowing epoxy..

Are Epoxy Floors Slippery?

Here are the products I mentioned in the video:GU-30, Epoxy Flakes..

Cotton Candy Epoxy Floor

ALL PRODUCTS ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION My friends over at DUOMIT invited me to their project to tu..

DIY Epoxy Countertop Made Of Melamine

Epoxy Countertops are a very fast growing market, with high demand from customers, and simple enough..

DIY Epoxy Floor for a BODYGUARD Company

Our friends over at DUOMIT who exclusively use our products for an epoxy floor and it turned out awe..

DIY Epoxy Table | How-To (Easy)

GlobMarble Epoxy is a relatively cheap, and very high quality epoxy, giving you the biggest bang for..

Epoxy Desk From IKEA Desk

ALL PRODUCTS I USED ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION:Primer, Foam Roller, Mini Roller Frame, Tabletop Epoxy, M..

Epoxy Flake Floor | Super Easy

Flake Epoxy Floors are a heavy-duty concrete overlay. It is very hard to damage, and even if you man..

Epoxy Floor. How to Apply Epoxy Flakes. GlobMarble Decorative Concrete Training April 2017

Concrete Epoxy, How to Apply Epoxy Flakes. GlobMarble Decorative Concrete Training April 2017. ..

Epoxy Metallic Floor. How To Do A Metallic Epoxy Floor

GlobMarble Decorative Concrete Training April 2017.  Base Coat Application, Epoxy 100 Applicati..

Epoxy Wall Art | DIY

This was Lorenza's first epoxy project and she is extremely happy with how it turned out!!Here are a..

How To - Epoxy Floor | DIY

Floor epoxy is used to create a beautiful and heavy-duty floor. Floor epoxy also allows a completely..

How To Fix A Cheap Table With Epoxy

Primer,Mixing container, Foam roller, Tabletop Epoxy, Metallic pigment, Sealer...

How to Install a Flake Floor IN ONE DAY

Flake floors are traditionally installed using epoxy, and this requires you to wait overnight for th..

HUGE Epoxy Stain Job

EcoStain, Pump Sprayer, GE-100 Epoxy, Notched Squeegee, 6" Roller, 18" Roller, 6" Roller Frame,..

Solid White Epoxy Basement | DIY

Primer (GEC-10W), Paint mixer, Small 6" foam roller, Big 18" nap roller, 18" nap roller frame, Spike..

Tile to Epoxy Floor TRANSFORMATION

The guys over at ZERAN FLOORS invited me to another epoxy job to make an epoxy floor with a great co..