Economizer casting machine


Product Information


Globamrble llc. introduces the latest Autocaster model, the Economizer.It fits the needs of the largest and smallest producers in the polymer casting industry.The capability and configuration of this machine can be custom tailored to your exact needs for hopper count,number of base and veining colors as well as all other operational attributes.

Globmarble’s new small footprint continuous casting machine is based on the proven working principlesestablished for our other recipe controlled Autocaster model. The Autocaster provides from 10 to 40 lbs/minuteoutput operation at an economical price for the small to medium sized marble shops. For those shops that alreadyhave a continuous casting machine, the Economizer is perfect for back filling use or program just a few recipesfor your highest volume items. This smaller footprint casting machine will significantly increase productivity,cut material costs, and provide consistently high quality products. If you thought your shop wasn’t large enoughfor an Autocaster, this unit will definitely make you reconsider. Intended for shops producing 2000 pounds/day ormore, this economical unit will reduce your resin and labor costs as well as increasing your efficiency.Eight recipes can be preprogrammed to provide consistent quality product everyday. You’ll wonder how you did without it!


The machine is factory configurable for a wide range of customer requirements:

  • Up to 8 preset recipes
  • 1 to 3 Base colors
  • 0 to 4 Veining (contrasting) colors
  • 1 to 2 Filler hoppers
  • Resin heating system
  • Vacuum mixing and dispensing
  • Closed loop solvent cleaning system
  • Up to 40 lbs/minute matrix production
  • Instant adjustment of matrix output, resin % and catalyst %
  • Totalizer gives accurate readings of material usage
  • High efficiency mixer with hardened steel auger and barrel
  • Modular design allows for easy upgrades
  • Motors for raw material controlled by frequency inverters for precise metering
  • Capable of handling fillers up to 2mm particulate size
  • Optional vacuum mixing and dispensing

All Autocasters come with a pneumatic cleaning system to simplify the cleaning of the auger and barrel.

The standard electrical system is 230 volt, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 70 amps max (24 volt DC for control circuit).Other electrical service can be accommodated at additional expense.




- From 10 up to 40 pounds/minute standard

- From 15 to 60 pounds/minute OR up to 30 to 80 pounds/minute (optional)


- Hardened steel barrel and auger

- High efficiency mixer


- 230 Volt AC TEFC or optional explosion proof (others upon request)

- Mixing unit - 5 HP

- Raw material feed units - 3/4 HP

- Thermal pump unit - 1/8 HP


- Inverter controlled adjustable output

- Solid core metering auger

- Maximum particle size 2mm

- Hopper capacity 4 cu. ft.

- Integrated anti-bridging device


- Maximum 2500 centipoise promoted polyester resin

- Overpressure sensor and bypass

- Inverter controlled adjus table output

- Integrated recirculating thermal fluid based heat exchanger

- Gravity feed resin input


- Precision gear pump

- Overpressure sensor

- Recirculating system with electronic flow sensor and visual display

- Inverter controlled adjustable output

- Storage capacity of 5 gallons


- B & L dual piston pump

- Uses liquid paste pigments up to 5000 centipoise

- Inverter controlled adjustable output

- Wand pickup from pail


- Use liquid paste pigments up to 5000 centipoise

- 0.0 to 999.9 second pause and pulse settings

- Feeds from paste suppliers shipping container

- Injectors incorporate flow control knob


- Flush cleaning system

- Dual internal and recirculating cleaning system (optional)

- Air purge included

- Internal cleaner 5 gallon storage

- Recirculating cleaner 15 gallon storage (optional)

- Recommended for use with DBE (Marblewash or equivalent)


- Eight recipe presets

- Control panel on control box (optionally mounted on adjustable arm)

- Integrated rate display and totalizers


- 230 Volt, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 70 amps max.

- 24V DC control circuit


- 90 psi, 20 CFM


- 54" wide X 80" deep X 112" high


- 3500 lbs.

Equipment Requirements:

All Models should be hard-wired to an appropriate circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes.Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipmentoperational will be obtained by buyer at buyer’s expense.