Cultured marble and solid surgace factory training program

Factory Training Program

The Globmarble Training Program is designed to produce technically knowledgeable, quality conscious manufacturers. The program is an intensive daily schedule of activities focusing on the basic fundamentals of cast polymer manufacturing technology. Complementing the formal curriculum taught during the class, participants also learn many "tricks of the trade" that give a practical perspective to the manufacturing process. The training program is for people new to the industry, as well as for those who have had experience but want a refresher or to expand their experience, Hundreds of manufacturing owners, general managers, production foremen, workers, and industry suppliers have completed the Globmarble Training Program. Globmarble's training program emphasizes a "hands-on" approach to learning. We believe the best way to learn the proper, most up-to-date, proven methods of manufacturing is through carefully supervised practice under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. During the program, the participants set up molds, mix, cast, and finish a variety of products, including all of the newest formulas and technology available. Detailed information is presented on every aspect of the process, including raw material control, gel coat application, casting techniques, and mold maintenance and repair. In addition, focus will be given to the fastest growing segment of the cast polymer industry, solid surface. Participants will learn the proper formulations, casting techniques, as well as fabrication methods. Our training is to make each participant familiar with the basic requirements to manufacture high quality products... profitably! Glob marble Inc. also makes available to the manufacturer, at the manufacturer’s expense, a training director, whose expertise and assistance may be reserved for on-site overseas training after the manufacturer’s molds and equipment have been received. Cost of International Training Directors will vary depending on the Mold Package purchased.