Cultured marble and solid surface questions


What is the cultured marble?

Cultured marble- is a precise mixture of polyester resins, catalyst, filling materials and pigments, which are placed in an open mould, covered by gelcoat. Gelcoat is specially developed for creating firm, durable, and transparent surface, which is stable to use as assigned. Chemical reaction, caused by a catalyst, leads to the polymerization of resins and then to its, meanwhile it bounds the internal crystal lattice and forms a solid liquid mass. After a few hours of chemical hardening, the parts of the product are extracted from the molds, then the processes of finishing take place. Finally they undergo the process of pre-delivery and pre-installation control. Cultured marble – is a product of manufacturing, and any color or a shape can be given to it.

What is cultured marble manufacturing process?

Cultured marble manufacturing production is performed by the following steps: - Molds Preparation - Applying release agent - Gel coat spraying - Mold casting - Finished product demolding - Packaging The advantages of cultured marble Beauty – elegant, and luxury external view Durability – high strength, resistance to dents, scuffs and stains (under the normal conditions of usage and storage) Low cost – the casting process allows the manufacturer to lower the fabrication cost of any cultured marble product if compared to the cost of extracted marble. Seamless production – countertops and toilet tables can be casted as a one piece (up to 16 feet/ 5 meters long). Water resistant and resistant to the formation of mold.

What can be made from cultured marble?

Practically speaking this list is endless, yet the primary volumes of sales can be subdivide on: - Tabletops for toilet tables and sinks integrated into them. - Bath tubs - Countertops for bars/cafes as well as the sinks integrated into them. - Supplementary products for facilitating spaces around bath tubs - Shower pans, walls and ceiling tiles - Bath room flooring. - Fireplaces facing, stoves and walls. Cultured marble storage and maintenance Thanks to Gel Coat and non-porous surface cultured marble is resistible to the formation of spots. Taking care of it is very simple. It is usual cleaning, which is done using soft sponge or a napkin by foamy nonabrasive aerosol – all that you need for providing normal and problem less care of your product. The usage of hard abrasive cleaners is not recommended.

Is there a possibility to perform a selective purchase of molds and cultured marble equipment suggested package at the beginning stage? (are there any minimal limitations to purchases.)?

You can independently choose any molds from ones, presented on a website without any minimal limitations. However, acquisition of forms in packages gives a possibility to perform complex tasks. Cultured marble and solid surface mold packages, presented by us are the most effective for organization of a new production. The molds and equipment packages can be adjusted individually for a customer with a consideration to local market and personal preferences. We can also make any custom molds according to your drawings.

What are the necessary manufacturing space and special requirements for cultured marble factory (ceiling height, forced ventilation, cathead, water- supply and temperature mode)?

The area of the space is directly dependent from a quantity of molds and equipment. Ordering Level 1 or Level 2 packages -2000-3000 sq.ft. (200-300 square meters) are enough, ordering Level 3 to Level 4 packages, the recommended area would be 5000+ sq.ft.( 500+ square meters), the height of ceilings is 10-15 feet (3-4 meters), the presence of ventilation – is necessary, telfer is recommended. Water is needed only for stuff, temperature is not lower then 64f (+18c), the best temperature of the room would be 68-77f (20-25с).

How long is the training classes?

Training is conducted on a base of an active production both in USA or Ukraine within one week.

How much will cost the customs clearance of the equipment, or is it included in a price?

Molds equipments and materials are manufactured and delivered from USA, it guarantees the quality of materials and of supplied equipment. Customs clearance rates are differ for every country. Practically speaking, in the entire world customs rate for imported equipment is zero.

How fast is it possible to start the cultured marble production of a moment of obtaining the equipment?

Within a few days.

In the descriptions and documents it is stated, that this equipment unlike of any other competitors does not need sanding products, but the tools offered by you are grinding tools, and this causes confusion.

It is necessary to finish products, made by a solid granite technology (Solid Surface), for sake of opening a pattern on a stone. The same way finishing instruments are in use within processing of products edges, layer removals. The unfinished (facing) side of products fabricated using “cultured marble technology”: Onyx, Spray Granite, Densified, Felx and others does not require additional processing after is it extracted from a mold.

I would like to get a cultured marble production cycle description from you.

Please view the description of production cycle in a production process sectionHERE

I would like to know about the conditions, for sending our representative for a guided tour to your production facility (in Ukraine)

In order to arrange a guided tour you need to confirm your visiting date(s) by phone, so that we can provide an airport transfer, and to book a hotel for you. During your visit we will do our best to highlight the process of cultured stone production and answer all your questions.

Formulate please a whole list of suggested cultured marble and cultured stone molds. The purchase of entire set of molds you have in stock is suggested. For determining an exact cost invested in a project, this information is necessary.

As of today’s date it is about 1000 types of cultured stone molds and cultured marble produced. The list is placed on our website: in “Molds” section. If you are interested in some definite molds, feel free to ask questions, since not all the kinds of molds are placed on website. For some of the molds the “exclusive offer” terms are expiring, so they are not on our website yet.

What material do you recommend for packaging your finished product? We understand that a given information will be presented within your training course, but this question carries a very important character for our project development and we are aimed to understand a given concept entirely.

Small size items like sinks, pedestals window-sills and others – we recommend to pack in cardboard boxes. As of oversize items like a countertop, bath tub or a wall panel wooden packaging is recommended.

What is the molds expectancy life time?

Molds can be used within decades (of years) and designed to produce thousands of parts if you will follow all the recommendations pertaining to a product usage processing. Also, the cultured marble and solid surface molds are – repairable. We teach all these processed within a time of training.

Do I have to purchase equipment and molds in a one package? Is it possible to buy molds separately?

Do I have to purchase equipment and molds in a one package? Is it possible to buy molds separately?

We are located in (Pavlodar, Kazakhstan), where can we buy raw materials in our region?

We can supply you with raw materials on permanent basis by very affordable prices.

Is it possible to manufacture custom-made products from the cultured marble?

The design of molds provides opportunity of combine several molds, usages of special dividers and templates, which allows creating irregularly shaped products, in consideration of your customers’ wishes.

Can I fabricate Solid Surface products, using the equipment encountered for Cultured Marble?

Yes you can manufacture of Solid Surface, using the equipment, encountered for a cultured marble. For Solid Surface production, you additionally need a Vacuum Mixer and a sanding machine. Molds and equipment are universal and used in production a Cultured Marble. Onyx and, Spray Granite, Densified, Flex, etc.

What is the most basic equipment will I need to get started cultured marble production?

List of basic equipment includes: Gel Coat Spray Booth 1- pc. Gel Coat Spray System or Cup Gun 1-2pcs. Conveyor 4-8 pcs. Vibrating table 1-2 pcs. Cart 1-2 pcs. Marble mixer 100lb (45kg) 1- pc. Compressor 1- pc.

How many cultured marble products I can produce in one day?

This will depend on how many molds you have. Molds are the basis of your production. Starting a new production, it is very important to match the optimal number of various molds. In further this choice will define the variety and volumes of manufactured products.

How will I know what molds to buy for my new factory?

For this purpose there are developed the equipment packages. The mold and equipment packages are designed for maximum productivity. Purchasing molds and equipment in packages is not a necessary condition, you can obtain molds and equipment in needed quality for you. Every one of suggested packages can be changed in accordance with correspondence to your wishes of form selection, your equipment expandable materials.

Is it possible to repair cultured marble and solid surface products?

Yes. You will be able to remove scratches, fractures, и cavities, join tow parts, etc. You will be taught to those details during the training.

What do I need to start cultured marble production?

To establish a new Cultured Marble Factory you need: Molds, Equipment, Supplies, Training & Support
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