Cultured marble and solid surface molds

Cultured Marble Мolds & Solid Surface Molds

form Cultured Marble Molds & Solid Surface Molds are the backbone of your operation. Globmarble concrete molds offers the largest selection of cultured marble molds, solid surface molds,  artificial stone molds , concrete stepping stone molds, Globmarble and  countertop molds to fit your production needs.

Some of the products we offer molds for:

Bathtub molds,  Shower Pans,   Drop-in Bowls,  Floating Bowls,  Undermount Bowls,  Kitchen Sinks,  Modular Molds,  No Bowl Deck,  Columns,  Wall Paneling,  Pedestal sinks and   Bath Accessories.

The integrity of our products is the result of careful procedures and strict controls. All incoming supplies are tested to ensure that only quality raw materials are used. Quality control inspections are made four times during our production process, with a final inspection made just prior to shipping. A wide variety of standard production Cultured Marble Molds & Solid Surface Molds are available to all cultured marble and solid surface manufacturers through our catalog. We have over 900 standard masters for bathtubs, showers, vanity tops, tabletops, wall trims, kitchen counters, decorative panels, concrete stones and bathroom accessories. We pride ourselves on continuously improving our products. In addition to these in-house projects, our designers can work directly as your consultants.