Cultured marble and solid surface equipment

Globmarble's engineering department designs complete turn key factories which meet customer specified guidelines. With years of practical experience, we stand ready to supply production equipment for the manufacture of cast polymer products for cultured stone production from artificial stone molds to complete manufacturing equipment.

Our engineers coordinate all projects from the early design stage through manufacturing, as well as equipment installation and commissioning at the client's site. We ensure that the cast polymer factories and equipment supplied by Globmarble are safe and efficient. Globmarble custom designed plants may include such machinery as vibration tables, multi-level conveyor systems, blenders, continuous casting machines, elevating exchange carts, gel coat spray booths, grind booths, and much more.


The Gel Coat Spray booth is designed specifically for the application of gel coat to molds. Utilizing an advanced filtration system and blower, the Gel Coat Spray Booth virtually eliminates gel coat vapors from the shop, creating a healthier and more environmentally friendly work place. The Gel Coat Spray Booth provides a safe working environment for your employees.


Single and Double wide skate wheel conveyor, Roller conveyor systems and Multi Level skate wheel conveyor system, Standard conveyor system. Conveyor provides a convenient and uniform way to move molds, prep and clean molds throughout your manufacturing process. With one hand, you can easily roll the molds through this manufacturing process.


Electric and Pneumatic Vibration Tables provide uniform vibration of matrix during the casting process, to effectively create high quality pieces consistently, Exchange Carts are a convenient way to transfer molds either before or after the casting process, from one line of conveyor to another, Tilt and Rotate carts are specifically designed for the transfer of molds through the gel coat application, Elevating exchange carts are specifically designed for the transfer of molds to and from elevated or multi level conveyor systems.


Blenders thoroughly blend the components for marble and onyx batch production, as well as other composites materials with these high quality, proven blenders.


Vacuum mixers designed to mix/blend solid surface matrix by evacuating air from the matrix during the blending process. Vacuum mixed materials are condensed, void-free, durable products that can be fabricated to create popular designs in today’s kitchen and bath market. Depending on the model, the vacuum lid is raised and lowered using either pneumatic or hydraulic systems. All Vacuum mixers utilize pre-wired control switches and feature heavy duty steel construction with stainless steel mixing pots and blades for easy cleaning and care. Available in three-phase, 50 or 60 Hertz electrical configurations.


The Auto caster series of continuous casting systems automate the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing. Replacing manual mixing with the Autocaster can significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality all leading to increase for the manufacturer. Useful for a variety of composites manufacturing applications, including cultured marble, densified solid surface, polymer concrete, and other composites manufacturing applications.


The Grind Booth with Externally Housed Baghouse Collection System is designed to significantly reduce the amount of dust created in the grinding stages of manufacturing, creating a healthier and more environmentally friendly work place.


These Panel Sanders are a single head sanding machine perfectly suited for use in the cast polymer and solid surface industries, and greatly reduces the labor needed for the process of finishing back/side splashes, trims and accessories, reducing overhead and saving money overall.