Auto Ground Hopper

Product Information


The Auto Ground Hopper combines a robust ground hopper containing a solid core auger with a plc control system.The result is a stand alone ground hopper that can be calibrated and set to dispense specified amounts of fillerin any desired mixing vessel. A touch screen interface allows the user to specify the desired amount of fillerto be dispensed or use one of 4 preset amounts. Depending upon the user’s requirements, the Auto Ground Hoppercan work with either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler that have been manually loaded.A Bulk Bag Suspender Frame or a Bulk Bag Gantry can be used to position bulk bags over the ground hopper.Bulk Bag Conveyor (Pallet Conveyor) can be used to easily position pallets of filler under the hoist on Bulk Bag Gantry.

Product Range:

163519 Self-Metering Ground Hopper

CEHOPPER Crating For Ground Hopper

150160 Bulk Bag Suspender Frame

CEBBS Crating For Bulk Bag Suspender Frame Metering Control Options Quoted Per Specification


Floor Hopper with Screw Drive Conveyor

- 4" tube and solid core auger constructed from carbon steel, standard pitch (i.e. pitch = diameter)

- 45 degree incline

- Standard discharge heights of 7 feet and 10 feet (other heights available)

- Rugged 15 cu. ft. Bin with 12 gauge carbon steel construction

- Dimensions of 57.5"L X 42.5" W X 45"H plus auger

- 1 Hp 120/230/460 volt motor

- Sealed heavy duty worm gear drive mechanism

- Sealed dust tight drive and idler bearings with transmission ratio of 20:1

- Pneumatic vibrator for anti-bridging control

- Includes screen for helping to prevent bag scraps and other debris from reaching auger

- Includes chain clamps for securing bulk bag hopper support

- 100+ lb/min output rate for typical calcium carbonate blends

- Volumetric metering with +/- 2% accuracy

- Touch screen user interface

- PLC controls, 4 presets, alarms

- Anti bridging and motor sensors

- Low level alarm

Bulk Bag Hopper Support

- Designed to sit above our ground hopper to support a bulk bag

- 4 way forklift entry

- Unit can be dropped to ground for bulk bag loading

- Rated for maximum 2500 lb bulk bag

- Adjustable hook height

- Requires fork lift access to lift support on to ground hopper