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The "Globmarbe" company offers opportunity to start your own high profit Concrete Stone Manufactured Business from concrete.

The technology of the concrete stone production was developed on the basis of the simplest equipment yet it exceeds any standard for strength and durability of products produced of stone. The decorative concrete stone is the high demand product. High revenue rate of the business, low cost of materials, and low initial investment required are the main benefits of the concrete (artificial) stone production technology. The primary advantage of the method is the use of the common and cheap components which are used in production of plain concrete. This means that you will never experience the shortage of raw materials in any region while the prime cost of any concrete stone veneer will be low and competitive.

Regardless of dimensions and size of the element cast it is possible to achieve the most complicated color spectrum thus imitating the surface of any artificial or natural material. Any your idea can be brought to life - colors, styles, shapes and sizes. These parameters have no limits. The products made of concrete do not lose their color when exposed to the light and other natural factors making it an ideal material for facades facing.


The concrete stone is produced based on plain concrete using the casting method. The sand is usually used as the fine filler while for the coarse filler it possible to use crushed stone, lightweight aggregate and other undersize particles. Chemicals and modifying admixtures provide necessary cohesion between all components and ensure the stone strength. The material color is defined by the mineral pigment which is resistant to alkaline and ultraviolet.

The equipment used for concrete stone production (concrete mixer, racks, vibration tables, scales) is common and widely available equipment which can be purchased in any home improvement and construction store.


The concrete stone became a very popular material thanks to its high similarity to the natural stone, which can only be reached when using the polyurethane or silicone molds which perfectly copy the natural stone surface relief. The high quality casting molds are the essential part of concrete stone production. When launching a new production line it is important to determine the optimal number of various casting molds. This choice will define the range and volumes of production, which in its turn will define the success of your business.


The advantages of the concrete stone production technology:

  • Concrete stone is much lighter than natural stone which makes it more convenient to work with
  • Concrete stone can be used both for interior and exterior finishing
  • Concretestone is easy to cut and adjust
  • Concrete stone is easy to install and it does not require any further maintenance securely protecting the faced surface from aggressive environment impact
  • Concrete stone is much cheaper than natural stone
  • The production technology allows for a wide range of stone colors, shapes and textures giving multiple possibilities for decoration
  • The concrete stone has good thermal insulation characteristics
  • If necessary the technology allows to create a lightweight option of the concrete stone


Plaster-decoration stone (Gypsum stone) is another rapidly developing technology of artificial stone production. Plaster is a natural mineral substance that has been used by man for thousands of years. The decoration stone made of plaster is exceptionally light which makes it a perfect material for vertical surfaces. Plaster decoration stone has good thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, great aesthetic value and expression, fire resistance and sanitary qualities. High economic values are ensured by low prime costs, energy efficiency and production line compact size.

The plaster stone is widely used for interiors finishing of premises with normal humidity such as living space, hallways, offices, trading spaces, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, etc. The plaster stone creates a better room climate maintaining the optimal air humidity by absorbing the excess moisture from air when it is too humid and releasing it back when the air gets too dry. The plaster has good sanitary characteristics and is absolutely harmless for health. It has no smell, does not cause allergies and its acidity and vapor diffusion resistance are similar to the ones of human skin.

The plaster stone is easy to cut and adjust, it can be fixed by screws and handling it is similar to working with light wood. The plaster-polymeric stone has great thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics and is not subject to radioactivity accumulation. The plaster stone products casts can be extracted from the molds as soon as 15-30 minutes after the molds filling.

Plaster-stone is manufactured from plaster (Gypsum) using the vibration-free casting method. The plaster is used as the primary filling component. Chemicals and modifying admixtures provide cohesion between components and allow for the stone strength. The pure plaster stone can be made without any modifying admixtures. The material color is defined by the added mineral pigment.


The advantages of the plaster and plaster-polymeric stone production technology

  • High revenue rate and quick payback of investment
  • Vibration-free casting method
  • Compact casting molds set
  • Small production space and low production expenses
  • Production simplicity – high profit technology for small business


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