Pathmate Random Stone Mold

Pathmate Random Stone Mold

Pathmate Stone Mold 

This Pathmate Stone Mold designed for the garden-lovers, who want to create their own design decoration to make their gardens more beautiful, to give your pavements and yard some artistic sense.
Easy to use Pathmate Stone Mold for any one - just mix the cement with sand and water. Add color powder or liquid. Mix precolored concrete. 
Reusable Pathmate Stone Mold designed so that they can run a continuous path in any direction, make turns, gradual curves, or fill an area of any configuration to make your own custom design. Pathmate takes only minutes to mix, pour and form each section. 
       Pavement mold
      3 easy steps
  • 1. Fill the mold with concrete
  • 2. Smooth the surface
  • 3. Take the mold away 
Measurements - 17”  X 17”  X 1-1/2” (43cm X 43cm X 4cm)- approximate. 
Mold sections — 9

In order to have the best result, please follow the the instruction below:
In order to have a best result of decorating the pavement, please weed the ground to make the surface clean and flat.
You can seed again between the concrete blocks.
2.  Mixing
Mix the cement with sand, gravels, and concrete pigment than add water. 1 part cement, 2 parts send, 3 parts gravels. Mix precolored concrete. 
3. Construction
Make sure you smoothed the surface before taking the mold away. 
4. Pattern  
You can create many patterns by lining up or turning the pavement mold. 
Reusable mold
Random pattern
Only Three Tools Needed;  Mixer, Pathmold Mold and a Trowel.
Great for curved paths
Makes it easy to create your own designs

GlobMarble’s Pathmate Stone Mold are self-supporting. No back-up, support shells are required. 

These Pathmate Stone Mold are easy to use, and each purchase comes with an instruction sheet with information and tips on: mixing and pouring concrete, releasing the casting





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